Women’s football tournament celebrating national day comes to end

September 12, 2022

The women’s football tournament in celebration of the DPRK anniversary came to a close.

There was a final match between the April 25 and Naegohyang teams at May Day Stadium on September 9.

At the 8th minute No. 21 of the April 25 opened the scoring with a midfield shot and at the 21st minute No. 23 of the Naegohyang scored an equalizer with a free kick.

In the seesaw battle to take the initiative No. 17 of the Naegohyang succeeded in a penalty kick at the 1st minute of extra time to record 2-1 in the first half of the match.

Thrilling scenes of threatening one another in the goal areas unfolded in succession in the second half, but as no goal was made, the Naegohyang beat the April 25 2-1.

Thus, the Naegohyang came first and the April 25 and Pyongyang teams second and third respectively in the tournament.

After the game was over, a trophy and medals were awarded to the Naegohyang at the awarding ceremony.

Four hat-tricks were scored in the soccer event.


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