‘AFC women’s football day’ marked in DPRK

March 9, 2023

A commemorative event of “AFC women’s football day” took place at Pyongyang International Football School on March 8.

It was attended by officials of the DPRK Football Association, women coaches and instructors from sports clubs, football teams and the sector of training football reserves in Pyongyang and students of Pyongyang International Football School.

Yun Jong Ho, chairman of the DPRK Football Association, extended his congratulations to all women football players and coaches of the country on the occasion of March 8 International Women’s Day, referring to the fact that they have dedicated their efforts and enthusiasm to the development of women’ s football.

And there were an experience presentation and demonstration related to the organization of instruction and training for young football players. 

The participants played a football game, divided into two teams.

They wore red and blue uniforms and decided to play 20 minutes in each of the first and second halves in consideration of their physical conditions. 

The looks of the passionate players, who showed their excellent skills they had displayed at international and national events, and atmosphere gave an unusual memory, recollection and pleasure to all the participants.

The game ended 3-1 in favour of the team in red uniforms.

Ho Un Byol, a player in her mid-30s who contributed to the victory of her side by scoring two goals, said that she was grateful to the day’s event as it enabled her to meet her colleagues who would play international games shoulder to shoulder and seniors, adding that through the event she came to understand the duty she assumes for the development of women’s football as a football coach.

After the game, the participants spent a good time while posing for the camera.

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