Nail-biting table tennis final match between persons with disabilities

November 29, 2022

As part of the sports games of the disabled and amateurs 2022, a table tennis competition took place at the gymnasium of Kim Il Sung University between November 15 and 18.

The competition was held in three divisions: the first division was a team event of amateurs of over 60 years old, the second one that of persons with disabilities and amateurs from 20 to 59 and the third the singles of persons with disabilities.

The division final matches were played on November 18.

At first, there was the final match of the first division.

Though the speed of the match was expected to be slow as players were old, they played it well with great vigour that put young people in the shade with the passage of time. 

Spectators expressed admiration and gave hearty cheers whenever the players scored points one after another and tenaciously hit back the balls which were believed to be missed.

Kim Jong Do, Ri Jong Il, To Song Il, Kim Ki Hun and Ho Hyon Jun won the final match of the first division.

The final match of the third division drew special attention of spectators.

It took place between Kim Yong Rok, a two-arm amputee in TT7 who acquitted himself well in several national and international competitions, and So Kwang Nam, a newcomer and one-legged man in TT9.

The match was very fierce from the beginning, attracting close attention of the spectators.

As the lower halves of his both arms were cut, Kim Yong Rok lacked speed in attack and needed wider and active movement in defence.

So Kwang Nam felt inconvenience in the movement of his feet as his left leg was artificial under the knee.

However, both of them played the game calmly after grasping each other’s strong and weak points. 

The sounds of sharp friction, heavy stamping of feet and the table-tennis ball bouncing on the table tightened the grip of audience.

The nail-biting final match ended 3-1 in favour of Kim Yong Rok.

The spectators gave thunderous applause to the players who displayed great competition spirit of overcoming physical limitations and thrilling scenes.

Jong Chol and Ri Sin Myong won the final match in the second division.


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