Soccer tournament of 2023 spring national sports festival ends

May 13, 2023

The men’s and women’s football tournament of the 2023 spring national sports festival came to a close.

The tournament, which began on April 2, drawing 16 strong male and female teams at home respectively, reached the semi-final stage (final four) on the 21st.

The final four after 20-day long seesaw battles included the Amnokgang, Hwaeppul, April 25 and Pyongyang teams.

The match between the Amnokgang and the Hwaeppul was played on the morning of that day. After 1-1 extra time draw, it led to a penalty shootout. In the nail-biting shootout the Amnokgang beat the Hwaeppul 6-4 and advanced to the final.

On the afternoon of that day the April 25 cruised to an easy 2-0 victory in the match against the Pyongyang team.

The April 25 repulsed the opponent’s attack with strong defence. In the 63rd minute its No. 16 did not miss the chance of netting a goal in a melee in front of the goal. 

The second goal was also scored by the same player.

A minute before the end of the match he volleyed the pass from the right wing, contributing greatly to his team’s advance to the final. 

The Pyongyang mounted fierce attacks to make up for the loss and showed exciting mid- and long-distance shots, but in vain largely due to the responsible role of the April 25’s goalkeeper.

Kim Il Sung Stadium, the venue of the final match, was crowded with soccer fans on April 25.

In the final, which began with the kick-off of the April 25, both teams strengthened the mid-field and showed thrilling scenes with unexpected shots based on well-knit combination between players and goal-in in the goal area based on side breaks.

It was so thumb-sucking for the spectators with a series of exciting scoring chances, but both sides scored no goals. So the goalless draw led to a penalty shootout and finally the April 25 trounced the Amnokgang 3-0 to lift the trophy.

As a result, the April 25 won the tournament, with the Amnokgang finishing runner-up and the Pyongyang coming third.

The final match of the female soccer players also took place at Kim Il Sung Stadium on April 26 between the Pyongyang and Naegohyang teams that beat the Kalmaegi and Rimyongsu 3-0 respectively in the semi-finals.

The two teams have competed several times in the domestic tournaments in recent years and know each other well. Both teams launched a seesaw battle for ball possession to hold the initiative from the beginning and unfolded thrilling scoring scenes based on skilful person-to-person combination.

Naegohyang took the initiative and dynamically played the match, but lost two goals due to the counterattack of the Pyongyang as it trifled defence.

 Finally, the Pyongyang beat Naegohyang 2-1 to lift the trophy and the Naegohyang and the Rimyongsu came second and third respectively in the female soccer tournament of the 2023 spring national sports festival.


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