Spring amateur bowlers competition held

March 21, 2023

The 2023 spring amateur bowlers competition took place at the Pyongyang Gold Lane between March 14 and 16.

It was attended by over 120 male and female amateurs and members of the DPRK Bowling Association and their average age was 35.

Sin Ju Hyon, chairman of the association, said, “The competition was a good occasion to make bowling more mass-based by arousing public interest in the sport and enable amateurs to enhance their bowling skills a step higher while competing and exchanging experience.”

It was held, divided into singles, doubles, mixed team event and all-star game, attracting the attention of spectators from beginning to end.

Kim Jae Hyok, Yu Song Jin and Kim Yong Won took the first place, the second and the third respectively in the male singles held after the opening ceremony and Kim Un Mi, Kim Un Gyong and Han Kum Yong did so in the female singles.

As to the results of the team event, Kim Jae Hyok said, “Competition requires techniques and tactics. But the most essential thing is unity of all team members in mind.” The team event revealed the lack of trust and encouragement between team members, he added.

The winners of the male doubles were Kim Yong Won and Kim Kwang Min and those of the female doubles Kim Hye Yong and Jong Song Hui.

The most eye-catching of the three-day competition was the all-star game which was played by the amateurs who achieved good results in the singles, doubles and team event. 

Yu Song Jin won the male all-star event, and Kim Un Mi, the winner of the female singles, did the female all-star event.

Kim Yong Won, a winner of the male doubles, and Kim Un Mi, winner of the female singles, were awarded the technique prize for displaying high skills during the competition.


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