Mass-based sports events liven up nation throughout 2022

December 24, 2022

Throughout this year, mass-based sports activities have been actively conducted in all parts of the country to infuse optimism into the whole society. 

The sports activities conducted across the country on the occasion of the first sports day of this year imbued the Korean people with joy and vitality from the outset of the year.

“It was really gratifying to see the workers showing off their sports skills, which they had honed in their free time, in the games held on the first sports day. The enthusiasm for sports heightened with the turn of the year made our workshop brim with fresh energy and optimism, which enabled us to bring about innovations in electricity production. The enthusiasm for production grows in direct proportion to that for sports,” said a workshop manager of the Pyongyang Thermal Power Station.

Mass-based sports games, including volleyball, tennis and badminton, have been played in animated moods at spare times in different workplaces. 

The vitality of such activities was fully demonstrated in the sectoral sports games.

The 25th sports contest of the officials of national agencies held in February and the 9th sports contest of health workers in May highlighted the aroused enthusiasm for sports as well as the participants’ sports skills which they broadened amid the effort for making sports mass-based and part of everyday life.

The National Inter-Provincial Games-2022 held in early September were a good occasion for adding delight and optimism to all people and for promoting the development of the country’s mass-based sports.

The 52nd sports contest of artistes in November was the focus of public attention as they were attended by celebrated actors.

In the sporting event held between the two teams of cinematic art and theatrical art, they competed in various kinds of sports such as basketball, volleyball and table tennis and amusement games. 

The degree of enthusiasm in those sports fields where a great collectivist spirit, skills as high as those of professionals and untiring perseverance are displayed to the full was the epitome of innovative surges achieved at their workplaces.


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