‘It was a game of pleasure, joy’

October 31, 2022

I often play golf, but this is the first time for me to compete with many people. 

I have never thought that such young amateurs and women would play very well, though I have played golf for over ten years.

I hope that I will meet them more frequently in the future.

I feel ten years younger while playing golf together with young people at the Pyongyang Golf Course which boasts a beautiful landscape as Lake Thaesong and Mt Sokchon go well with each other.

Choe Kyu (aged 76)

I have taken part in a amateur golf tournament for the first time.

As many amateur golfers gathered, I felt more competitive and had to strike each ball so carefully.

I only decided to have a try, and I have taken the first place.

I offer my gratitude for providing this excellent contest in which any amateur can take part. 

Paek Sun Hak

This is the first time I played the doubles. 

As everyone else would do, I thought much how my partner and I could play the game well with one accord.

It was a difficult game, but I took the first place.

What is most delightful is that I have reached a handicap of 70 for the first time during this contest.

I want to play better in the future.

I hope that more people would participate in this contest.

Kim Su Ryon


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