Candlelight rally and demonstration held in south Korea

May 9, 2023

The 38th candlelight rally and demonstration took place in Seoul on May 6 amid the growing anger at puppet traitor Yoon Suk Yeol who brought a nuclear war crisis through his trip servile to the US in south Korea.

That day, the participants in the candlelight rally and demonstration took to the streets and bitterly denounced Yoon's acts servile to the US and Japan.

The "Candlelight Action", composed of many civic organizations, staged a demonstration before the rally.

The participants, holding leaflets reading "top-class traitor" and "pro-Japanese quisling", criticized his acts servile to Japan.

Speakers at the candlelight rally said Yoon Suk Yeol pardoned the Japanese imperialists for the past crimes of forcible drafting with humiliating "solution", in disregard of the opposition and strong call of the victims of forced labour draft. They stressed that he brings up the danger of war, he should be dismissed if he continues to go to the road of war, they should bring down Yoon engrossed in the pro-Japanese acts while selling the dignity and interests of the nation to Japan and they oppose the military cooperation with the US and Japan threatening the lives and security of the people and peace on the Korean peninsula.

The "Peace Action" and the "Candlelight Solidarity" also held candlelight rallies in Seoul on the same day.

Prior to the rallies, the participants staged demonstrations, shouting such slogans as "Let us overthrow Yoon Suk Yeol submitting to the US and Japan" and "We oppose military cooperation with Japan".

At the end of the candlelight rallies, members of the organizations of various circles marched to the place for cherishing the memory of a member of the south Korea Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) who sacrificed his life in protest against Yoon's sycophancy and submission and acts of putting the people's living into destitution.

The building worker of the KCTU called for turning out in the struggle to punish puppet traitor Yoon Suk Yeol and burnt himself in Seoul on May 1. He died on May 2, leaving a written will and a verbal will saying, "Please, bring down Yoon Suk Yeol's regime".

The placard carrying his verbal will was posted at the entrance to the venue for memorial service.

When the worker's written will calling for overthrowing the traitor was read out, the participants burst into roar of anger.

Speakers said that the death of the worker of the KCTU is a clear murder committed by the Yoon Suk Yeol "regime", asking whether the present "regime" is a "government" for the people or an enemy of the people and protesting it is a gangster hired by the rich of one percent.

The elder brother of the martyr asked the participants to fight to the last for the reinstatement of his brother's honour who struggled for the just rights of the workers, and members of the KCTU called for punishing Yoon Suk Yeol through a strong struggle.

The secretary general of the "Candlelight Action" who is concurrently permanent co-representative called for uniting in the action for the resignation of Yoon Suk Yeol and for bringing down the present "regime" in an early period through solidarity and unity, true to the intention of the martyr who made candlelight and worker meet.

A vice-chairman of the construction trade union of the KCTU said that the construction trade union decided to stand in the van of the struggle for Yoon's resignation and its 70 000 members are to declare a strike and come to Seoul on May 16-17. He vowed to fight hard until he puts an end to Yoon.

The participants warmly responded to him, saying that the resignation of Yoon is the only way to protest against the undeserved death of the martyrs and carry forward the intention of the martyr. They called for putting an end to the Yoon "regime" without fail, true to the intention of the martyr.

Meanwhile, the KCTU and other labour organizations said that the traitor's murderous suppression of trade unions pushed workers to death, adding that they will launch a grand march for judging Yoon Suk Yeol in solidarity with civil society organizations, declare an all-out general strike and expand the scope of the judgment struggle.

Informing the news of the candlelight rallies and demonstrations calling for the resignation of Yoon Suk Yeol held that day, the local newspaper Workers' Solidarity and other media outlets reported that the rally in memory of the construction trade union member was the one to vow to fight for the resignation of Yoon and the workers' anti-Yoon Suk Yeol struggle would grow stronger with the declaration of all-out war of the KCTU with the Yoon "regime". It is expected that the voice for his resignation will grow stronger with May 10 when he took office a year ago as the starting point, the media noted. 


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