S. Koreans decry Yoon Suk Yeol’s treachery

May 14, 2023

South Korean people from all walks of life turned out in the mass struggle in a rage at Yoon Suk Yeol's act of hatching a treacherous plot again by bringing into south Korea the prime minister of Japan, the sworn enemy, that denies the past crimes it committed against the Korean nation and is running amuck to revive militarism while clinging to the attempt to seize territory.

The "peace action for justice of history" composed of more than 610 civic and public organizations including the Justice Preserving Solidarity, the Institute for National Studies, the south Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, the Citizens Solidarity for Democratic Society and the citizens' meeting for denouncing the Japanese imperialists' forcible drafting, held a press conference in Seoul to condemn Yoon Suk Yeol for his treacherous acts.

Speakers said that a submissive diplomatic disaster is happening, following March and April.

They denounced that the recent "talks" with the Japanese prime minister were held in exchange for exempting the Japanese imperialists from its past crimes of forcible drafting, adding that military cooperation with Japan would bring only a crisis on the Korean peninsula.

They called for checking Yoon's treacherous and humiliating diplomacy offering the dignity and interests of the nation to his US and Japanese masters.

The participants shouted such slogans as "We oppose military cooperation bringing war crisis!", "Japan should make an apology and reparations for its forcible mobilization and sexual slavery for its army!" and "Let us punish the Yoon Suk Yeol regime pursuing diplomacy subservient to Japan!"

They then held a ceremony of giving vent to their anger against traitor Yoon according a hospitable reception to Japanese Prime Minister Kishida who made reckless remarks that "there was no forcible mobilization" and "Tok Islet is a part of Japan's territory".

Meanwhile, the "People for Achieving Peace and Reunification", a civic organization, held a press conference in Seoul where it said that the "talks" with the Japanese prime minister are no more than a place for granting Japan impunity for its criminal acts of denying the past crimes and distorting history.

The participants deplored how the chief of Japan, which trampled down the Korean peninsula with bayonets and killed a large number of people through colonial domination and aggression, can step on this land without making an apology.

The successive confabs with Japan were pursuant to the US master's attempt to implement its strategy for hegemony, they said, adding that the expansion of the triangular "military alliance" and joint military drills, the main agenda items of the "talks", will inevitably lead to Japan's military intervention in the Korean peninsula.

University students' organizations held a press conference where they said that it was the current Japanese Prime Minister Kishida who signed the humiliating "agreement" on the issue of sexual slavery for the Imperial Japanese Army in 2015 as the then foreign minister.

Kishida is talking about "forward-looking relations", presenting the deceptive policy of supporting young people, but south Korean young people do not want the solution to any issue without Japan's official apology for the past history and legal reparations for it, they noted.

The Progressive Federation of Students, the Citizens' Solidarity for Recovering Peace and other organizations held rallies in different parts of Seoul.

Speakers at the rallies said that Yoon Suk Yeol was engrossed in his mendicant diplomacy while kowtowing to Japan and conniving at the history of illegal colonial rule, plunder and massacre, but he only brought a war crisis.

They went on:

Whose president Yoon Suk Yeol is? He is the worst "president" in history, worse than Ri Wan Yong, as he kowtows to Japan and blindly follows the US. The people will not tolerate the empty-headed, dependent and shuttle diplomacy of Yoon Suk Yeol, who is the governor-general of the revived US colony in the 21st century and gives the master his liver and gallbladder only to be hit at the back of his head.

Academic and religious circles, women's organizations and other sectors, including all universities and especially professors of Seoul National University, are issuing declarations on the situation demanding the withdrawal of Yoon's humiliating "proposal" for settling the issue of the reparations to the victims to the forced labour.

Seen in the declarations were such watchwords as "fearful", "disaster", "judgment", "ruin", "retreat", "mess", "frustration", "wickedness", "war crisis", "humiliation", "tragedy", "incompetence", "misery" and "misfortune", expressing the indignation at Yoon who sold the dignity and interests of the nation to outsiders and brought the crisis of a nuclear war to the Korean peninsula while resorting to treacherous acts.

Political and religious circles and civic and social organizations formed an "emergency situation council" and turned out in the action for judging the traitor.

Under such titles as "Justice of history should not be regarded as a sacrifice", "We cannot advance to future in exchange for the past" and "The day of ending the Yoon Suk Yeol regime is drawing nearer", Hangyore, Yonhap News and other media outlets reported that it is the only way out for Japan to make an apology and reparations for the past crimes, they would fight against military cooperation together with the candlelight demonstrators and Yoon should be judged as he brings the war crisis through humiliating diplomacy.


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