Struggle for judging traitor Yoon Suk Yeol continues in regions of puppets

June 3, 2023

 The labour circles across south Korea staged a struggle simultaneously for the resignation of traitor Yoon Suk Yeol on May 31.

It was attended by more than 35 000 workers of organizations under the south Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) in Seoul, Taejon, South Chungchong Province and other parts.

Fourteen industrial trade unions including the construction workers' union and metal workers' union held meetings in different parts of Seoul to declare the struggle for judging traitor Yoon Suk Yeol and then marched to the venue of the meeting.

The fascist police blocked the demonstration by creating a repressive atmosphere.

Following the demonstration, over 20 000 workers held a rally in the area of Sejong Road to demand the resignation of the traitor and the stop to the suppression of workers.

The chairman of the KCTU said that traitor Yoon is a thoroughly bad egg on a par with Chun Doo Hwan in violence, suppression and dictatorship, Lee Myung Bak in pro-business and anti-labour policy and Park Geun Hye in incompetence, corruption and self-righteousness.

The chairman of the metal workers' union declared a struggle for the resignation of traitor Yoon, saying that "We are living in a paradise for plutocracy and a hell for the workers due to pro-plutocrats, anti-labour, dictatorship by prosecution, rule under the pretext of security and wrecking of democracy, people's living and peace within a year after Yoon took office" and "We should put an end to Yoon if we cannot live under the same sky with him. Today is only beginning. The metal workers' union will turn out in a general struggle for ousting Yoon through grand resistance of all the people in the latter half of the year." 

Speakers denounced that Yoon travelled to sell the land with the diplomacy of submission and reckless remarks and he is now threatening the health and security of the people with nuclear waste water from the Fukushima Atomic Power Plant in Japan.

They said that the KCTU should become a hope of the struggle checking the regression and arbitrariness of the Yoon "regime", asserting that it is suppressing the organizations and rallies with which it is displeased, branding them as "illegal".  

Saying that their struggle may last longer and face unexperienced suppression, they called for waging a greater, more justified and fiercer struggle to oust Yoon "regime" which kills workers and masses with their sustained efforts.

The participants also held a ceremony of tearing up a document proving Yoon's returns in the elections of "president".

The candlelight rally for honouring the memory of martyr Yang Hoe Dong was scheduled to be held under the sponsorship of the "joint action of the labour, civil society and religious organizations for the struggle for martyr Yang Hoe Dong" on the evening of that day, but the fascist police called out more than 80 mobile forces to forcibly disperse them.

Under the titles of "Yoon's resignation, shouts of 35 000 workers of the KCTU … police and attempt to illegalize rallies", "We cannot live under the same sky!" and "Let us put an end to Yoon Suk Yeol regime!", the media reported that "the labour circles defended the May 31 general strike and opened a curtain in the struggle for the resignation of Yoon regime", "the tent was taken away but the candlelight of the memorial service was further spreading" and "the citizens who watched the situation also took part in the meeting and the venue of the meeting had no space to step in". 


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