Public campaign for judging traitor Yoon Suk Yeol continues in areas of puppets

May 23, 2023

Public anger against the Yoon Suk Yeol-led group of traitors, which has aggravated the situation on the Korean peninsula and deteriorated the people's living while resorting to country-selling sycophancy, confrontation with the fellow countrymen and fascist dictatorship, is growing higher in south Korea as days go by.

Mass rallies and demonstrations took place across the areas of puppets on May 20, in demand of the judgment on and resignation of traitor Yoon Suk Yeol.

The 40th candlelight rally was held in Sungryemun area of Seoul, with more than 30 000 people in attendance.

The speakers said that the present authorities are the real criminals, adding that the Yoon regime is branding all organizations including the construction trade union as criminal ones.

They charged that everything including the people's living, politics, the economy and diplomacy collapsed for one year after the present regime took office.

They called for forcing the Yoon regime to step down without fail through a fierce candlelight campaign.

They stressed that the people from all walks of life would stand together in the struggle against the regime, though it may be difficult and arduous.

Then, the participants staged a demonstration, chanting slogans "This is the people's order. Impeach Yoon Suk Yeol!", "The resignation is the answer and the interests!" and "Let us drive out the regime and realize the reform through candlelight campaign!"

The surrounding area of the girl statue for peace in front of the Japanese embassy turned into a gathering place for denouncing the Yoon-led group of traitors destroying the cradle of life through humiliating diplomacy.

Such civil society organizations as the Confederation of Trade Unions held a rally in front of the girl statue for peace to condemn the present "government" for acting as a best man for Japan.

The participants in the rally charged that the authorities do not even say a word of protest against Japan dumping nuclear waste water at sea and that an "invitation to the G7 summit" received by Yoon from Japan as a gift through humiliating diplomacy would be used as a means of defending the crimes of the war criminal state and helping it realize its wild ambition for reinvasion.

They declared that they would continue to struggle for judging Yoon's sycophantic and treacherous acts.

A civic memorial service for "Ri Thae Won tragedy" took place at Seoul Square with the participation of bereaved family members and other people from all walks of life to denounce the murderous policy of the Yoon-led group of traitors and demand the punishment of the chief murderer.

Speakers said that they have turned out in the struggle to hand down the right future to the next generation.

They stressed the need to enact a "special law" so as to protect the future of the young people living on this land.

They called for continuing the struggle until such demands for "enactment of a special law on Ri Thae Won tragedy", official apology from Yoon, probe into the truth and punishment of the chief murderer are met.

Holding placards reading "Enact a special law on Ri Thae Won tragedy" and "Fire the administration minister", the participants chanted slogans "The probe into the truth is the perfect condolence and consolation" and "Probe the truth behind the murder and punish the chief murderer".

A rally of the "National Teachers Union" was held in Jongro District of Seoul to criticize the educational policy of the Yoon-led group of traitors.

Denouncing the authorities' pro-plutocrats and deflective educational policy, the participants declared that they would struggle to the last in demand of the wage hike for teachers, the improvement of educational conditions and the realization of equal education.

Buddhists met at the avenue before Sungryemun of Seoul to urge the resignation of Yoon Suk Yeol and a special inspection of Kim Kon Hui.

At the meeting, participants condemned the Yoon-led group of traitors for its sycophancy and treachery, confrontation with the fellow countrymen and irregularities and corruption, holding placards reading that "The answer for one year of Yoon Suk Yeol's office is his resignation!"

Meanwhile, there was a large-scale demonstration in Seoul on May 19 in protest against the Yoon-led group of traitors which has violated the right to existence, refusing the institution of a "law on nursing". The demonstration was attended by nurses and more than 100 000 students from 200 universities and colleges.

Media reported that the will of people from all social standings to struggle against the "government" to the last is growing stronger with each passing day and the nursing circles declared overwhelming and active large-scale group action and an after-storm is expected. 


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