Public protests against traitor Yoon Suk Yeol rage in south Korea

May 6, 2023

Civil society organizations of puppet south Korea vent their wrath on the disgusting sycophancy to the US shown by traitor Yoon Suk Yeol during his US visit that brought the danger of a nuclear war to the Korean peninsula and left south Korean people’s living to the tender mercies of outsiders.

During the traitor’s visit to the US, they held candlelight rallies, demonstrations and press conferences in Seoul and other parts of south Korea, issuing declarations and statements on the current situation to disclose the traces of his sycophancy and treachery.

Public anger raged in candlelight rallies and demonstrations protesting against the traitor’s sycophantic and treacherous visit to the US.

The permanent co-representative of the “Candlelight Action” called on the public to “light their candles to preserve the national dignity and brave the US pressure”, saying “a grand candlelight march has begun to restore not only democracy but also the sovereignty and independence of the nation.”

Recalling that Yoon called for "close friendship" with the US imperialists and released the “Washington Declaration” that promised the deployment of US nuclear weapons in the vicinity of the Korean peninsula and promotion of consultations concerning it, speakers in the events blamed him for taking hostage even ordinary people for its really risky gambling to stoke the terror of a nuclear war.

Saying “candlelight rallies are taking place not only in Seoul but also in other parts of south Korea,” they called on the public to turn out in the struggle.

At the end of the candlelight rally in Seoul, the demonstrators marched toward the south Korean puppet “government” building, other ruling organs, conservative strongholds and the US embassy, holding placards reading “Let’s oust Yoon Suk Yeol inviting war!”, “Top-class sycophant Yoon Suk Yeol, step down!”, “We urge traitor Yoon Suk Yeol to step down!”, and chanting such slogans as “Let’s oust top-class quisling Yoon Suk Yeol, the kingpin of submissive diplomacy and sycophancy to the US!”

The participants, holding literatures satirizing traitor Yoon’s sycophancy toward Japan and the US, shouted “Angry people urge the US to apologize for committing eavesdropping in violation of south Korea’s sovereignty!”, “Atrocities of Japanese imperialist can never be pardoned despite the lapse of a hundred years. Let’s oust pro-Japanese traitor Yoon Suk Yeol!”, “Let’s drive out Yoon making south Korea subject to the US with his submissive and dependent diplomacy in disregard of national interests!” They also posted leaflets reading “Humiliating diplomacy! Yoon, step down!” in different parts of the city.

In front of the US embassy and a puppet conservative press building, they urged the US to make an apology for wire-tapping and called for banning such ultra-right conservative newspapers as “Chosun Ilbo”, “Choongang Ilbo” and “Dong-A Ilbo” that shielded the US.

The south Korean newspaper “Workers’ Solidarity” noted that the candlelight rallies and demonstrations are full of voices of accusation against Yoon’s crazy pro-US diplomacy oriented to militarism.

A candlelight rally also took place in Kimpho, Kyonggi Province.

Its participants criticized traitor Yoon as the worst “president”, saying “Yoon is a true servant of Japan and the US who sold off the country to the US as an offering to satisfy the interests of the US and Japan only."

“Yoon seeks a war with the north and China and even makes Russia enemy”, they noted, urging him not to pursue sycophancy to Japan and the US.

Meanwhile, “Citizens Action” also hosted a candlelight rally in protest against the ruinous south Korea-US alliance and Yoon’s humiliating behavior.

Accusing Yoon of making troubles abroad, terming the north, China and Russia enemy during his US trip and running wild to ignite a nuclear war in East Asia, speakers there said that Yoon, an idiot keen on kowtowing to big powers, has turned the Korean peninsula into an arsenal for a nuclear war.

Ringing out there were such angry voices as “Yoon is just a lawyer serving the US”, “Yoon is more suitable as prime minister of Japan”, “Yoon, best man for the US and Japan, do not come back”.

Such public protests are getting stronger in the wake of traitor Yoon’s visit that brought great danger and terrible disaster.

May Day all-out rallies involving more than 160 000 people from all walks of life were held in Seoul, Kyonggi Province, Kwangju, Inchon, Taegu, Taejon, Pusan, Chongju of North Chungchong Province, Ryosu of South Jolla Province and elsewhere under the sponsorship of the south Korean Confederation of Democratic Trade Unions and civil society organizations.

Hitting out at the Yoon-led group of traitors keen on treachery and sycophancy toward the US and Japan for deteriorating the situation of the Korean peninsula and driving workers to death, participants in the events expressed their will to certainly punish traitor Yoon.

The chairperson of the confederation said: “Yoon’s one year in office has completely ruined this society. He was applauded by the imperialists but criticized by the popular masses for his humiliating diplomacy toward Japan and tributary diplomacy toward the US. He is dashing toward south Korea-US-Japan military alliance after dumping economy, sovereignty and peace. It is necessary to ban his foreign trip as he always makes gaffes abroad.”

The participants called for launching a struggle instead of opting for death in order to oust Yoon with the concerted efforts of workers and bringing the Yoon “government” to trial of history by going on an all-out strike in July.

The confederation issued a written appeal and declared that it would launch a general strike in July.

Professors and researchers of Songgyungwan University and Sookmyong Women's University, workers, peasants, youth and students and religionists made public declarations on the situation one after another.

“Citizens Action” held a press conference before the puppet presidential office to scathingly condemn traitor Yoon Suk Yeol for choosing war and confrontation instead of peace.

It said that the US and the puppet south Korean authorities betrayed open hostility while expanding the deployment of US strategic assets under the pretext of bolstering up the “extended deterrence” to incite military confrontation with the north.

Lurking behind this is the US black-hearted intention to gratify its own interests by instigating Yoon Suk Yeol, it said, adding that it is impossible to avert war with “extended deterrence” and to resort to hostile acts against the north for the sake of the US will only escalate the danger of war on the Korean peninsula.

The participants in the press conference said that they can no longer tolerate traitor Yoon’s disastrous diplomacy, and called upon the people to turn out in a campaign for punishing and ousting Yoon Suk Yeol, chanting such slogans as “We accuse Yoon Suk Yeol of his humiliating diplomacy towards the US and Japan!”, “Let us punish Yoon Suk Yeol for having brought the danger of war” and “We condemn Yoon Suk Yeol as leading stooge for the US strategy for hegemony!”

Meanwhile, organizations of various circles including the south Korean Confederation of Democratic Trade Unions held a rally to disclose that the south Korean puppet authorities have fallen deep into the US nuclear policy due to the “Washington Declaration”.

They said that the Korean peninsula will be exposed to a grave nuclear war crisis as the puppet authorities will play the role of a leading shock brigade for war under the US’ “Indo-Pacific strategy”, querying whose “president” Yoon Suk Yeol is. They criticized him for bringing the dark clouds of a war to the peninsula.

Dealing with the struggles of people of different social strata, puppet south Korean media reported that the public curse and resentment at the war maniac and sycophantic traitor are getting bitterer and all-people protests for punishing Yoon Suk Yeol will further expand in the future.


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