South Korean ruler’s US trip comes under censure, derision, arouses serious concern (5)

May 6, 2023

Chinese and south Korean media continue to expose and denounce the dangerousness of the puppet traitor Yoon Suk Yeol's visit to the US and serious consequences to be entailed by it.

China News Service carried an article titled "Storm rages after Yoon Suk Yeol's visit to US", which reveals the criminal nature of the "Washington Declaration".

The keynote of the "Washington Declaration" is to expand the US-south Korea negotiations about the nuclear crisis, stage more military exercises and simulation training, set up the Nuclear Consultative Group (NCG), and dispatch the US strategic assets to the vicinity of the Korean peninsula more frequently, the article said, and continued:

The NCG is aimed at enabling the US and south Korea to conduct strategic cooperation, including the sharing in the nuclear-related field, under the pretext of coping with the DPRK's "nuclear threat". Such contents were not included in the concept of the past "extended deterrence".

The "Washington Declaration" is not favorable to the stability of the regional situation.

The executive director of the school for international relations studies of Nanjing University commented that the "Washington Declaration" offered "legitimacy" to the likely deployment of intermediate-range nuclear missiles in south Korea by the US and made it possible to conduct policy coordination and communication for it.

A professor at Jilin University said that the US-Japan-south Korea cooperation is a component of the US strategy for building a NATO version in the Indo-Pacific region, adding:

The US is going to expand joint military exercises with south Korea, strengthen the "defence cooperation" with Japan and south Korea and form a "southern triangle" over the future Korean peninsula issue.

The strengthening of the three-way cooperation will have great influence on the regional security situation and prompt strong responses from neighbouring countries.

If a new Cold War structure is gradually formed and steadily maintained in Northeast Asia, blocs will be embroiled in dangerous confrontation.

The Chinese Huan Qiu network, in an article titled "How could south Korea talk about freedom while studying the face of the US", noted that Yoon Suk Yeol's constant flattery and subservience to the US are actually based on a mistaken perception of Washington. It said:

The fundamental purpose of the US’ so-called support, aid and protection of south Korea is not really for the benefit of south Korea but rather to maintain and pursue US national interests. South Korea is just a tool for the US to maintain and realize its own interests, but Yoon mistakenly sees it as US support and assistance for south Korea.

Although Yoon Suk Yeol led a high-profile business delegation to the US, he did not reach any substantive agreement with the Biden administration on the "Inflation Reduction Act", the "CHIPS and Science Act" and other core issues such as south Korean business investment, product sales, and technological upgrading. But the US encouraged Yoon to continue to serve the interests of the US.

It is unknown whether Yoon, who has been deceived by the US, will calm down after returning home, think and distinguish about the so-called promises and support given by the US, and deeply reflect on his wrong perceptions.

Pointing out that Yoon weakened south Korea's status and role as he placed all its security and development rights on the US and the south Korea-US alliance, the article further said:

Adopting a policy of siding with the US not only diminishes the position of south Korea, but also deprives it of flexible space.

Yoon's thinking and approach actually expose his lack of confidence and independent consciousness. In Washington's eyes, what they care about is whether south Korea can serve the US’ national interests. Hence, to woo south Korea, the US will roll out the red carpet, making it mistakenly believe that the US is its "firm" ally.

The so-called extended deterrence guarantee from the US, Yoon's touted achievement of his visit to it, exposes once again the US mockery and strict control over south Korea, the article said, and went on:

The establishment of the Nuclear Consultation Group between south Korea and the US mentioned in the Washington Declaration is fundamentally different from the position and function of the Nuclear Planning Group in NATO, making it impossible to compare the two. And moreover, this "consultative" system is similar to "Extended Deterrence Strategy and Consultation Group" previously established between the US and south Korea in function and content, so it is hard to find any essential differences between them. Accordingly, there are many doubts and questions in south Korea regarding the establishment of the NCG.

However, Yoon treasures this empty gesture like a precious gem, highly excited, believing that the Washington Declaration is the most important achievement of his visit, and that the guarantee given by the US can provide south Korea with sufficient security and protection. Americans are deceiving Yoon by offering lip service, making him misunderstand that the US is protecting and supporting south Korea with its unprecedented military muscle.

Yoon is utterly unaware that the US is using this consultation mechanism to control and influence his "government", preventing south Korea from acting recklessly on the nuclear issue and making it strictly obey the US control and instructions.

Yoon's misguided words and deeds to please the US and cater to the US have created risks and challenge for south Korea while further deepening the impression that south Korea is a vassal of the US.

South Korea’s local media also disclosed and denounced the true colours of Yoon Suk Yeol as a traitor and pro-US sycophant.

Kimchon Ilbo of North Kyongsang Province in an article titled "American belligerence and President Yoon Suk Yeol's submission" said:

Amid the growing concern about the escalating danger of war and worsening economy, a poet satirized south Korea as "a sweet potato field infested by wild boars", provoking bursts of laughter.

The "foreign policy" of Yoon is in great peril. It seems as if, just like the poet's humorous derision at Yoon's visit to the US, Yoon as a lackey of the US would jump into the flames of war at the end of his sycophancy of leaving sovereignty to the tender mercy of the US after getting robbed, backstabbed and mocked by the US in return for his devotion to it.

The US, which is styling itself a "liberal democratic state", has killed innumerable innocent people by igniting many wars. Nearly 250 years have lapsed since 1775. For more than 225 years of that long period, the US have been restless to fight wars for building a country, expanding its territory, becoming a "superpower" and maintaining world supremacy.

The US is the most bellicose and outrageous imperialism in the world.

Korea was liberated and divided after the Second World War. However, we regard the US as benefactor of liberation only, not as the chief culprit of division.

That is why we doggedly called the US troops that occupied Korea the "liberation army", though they were styling themselves the occupation forces at that time. And far from criticizing the US war of aggression in Vietnam denounced by the entire world and its invasion of Iraq opposed by the UN, we sent volunteer troops, describing the wars as the ones for "freedom" and "democracy".

To make matters worse, Yoon is siding with the US malicious policy to deter China, including the "Indo-Pacific strategy", which makes China enemy and even causes economic losses as well as security crisis.

The biggest and most important "success" of Yoon's visit to the US is allegedly the "Washington Declaration" that specifies the provision of the "nuclear umbrella" by the US, in which the US takes retaliatory action when a nuclear attack on south Korea is carried out, and frequent deployment of nuclear-capable bombers and submarines near south Korea.

This just escalates the danger of war far from promoting security, doesn't it?

Will the north step back with its spirit dampened or develop more powerful nukes and missiles in the face of frequent deployment of the US nuclear assets in south Korea? In order to prevent the north from using nukes and missiles, an end should be put to war and peace treaty should be concluded. Then is it reasonable to intensify the US-south Korea joint exercises?

They are making far-fetched assertions that the war cannot be terminated because the north is armed with nukes. Why then didn't they accept the north's proposals for terminating the war and concluding a peace treaty in the past century when it had no nukes?

As long as south Korea resorts to the US-south Korea alliance, the north and China will remain as the enemy due to the US policy of hegemony and the possibility for reunification and peace on the Korean peninsula will as ever diminish and trade deficit and economic losses will increase.

This is the present situation of the US-south Korea alliance. As Yoon is blindly following the US, devoting everything to it, the US ignores and despises Yoon inwardly while treating him as a "state guest" and offering him a luxurious dinner outwardly.

This is the background to the widespread saying that "south Korea is the 51st state of the US", and "the north is the enemy respected by the US when south Korea is an ally despised by it". 


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