South Korean ruler’s US trip comes under censure, derision, arouses serious concern (4)

May 5, 2023

The puppet traitor Yoon Suk Yeol's visit to the US, which sold the national security, self-esteem and interests totally to outsiders, has provoked great wrath, protest and condemnation from not only the media but also political, academic, religious and other social circles in south Korea, and from overseas Koreans.

The internet newspaper Jaju Sibo carried an article entitled "'Washington Declaration' is reject to be cast off", contributed by the director of the reunification institute in the United States.

Detailing the background to the adoption of the declaration and its dangerousness, it noted:

In the declaration, the American empire promised to deploy its strategic nuclear forces in south Korea more often than before, which needs enormous expenses. Given it, it is crystal clear that the US imperialists are going to shift the burden of increased expenses for north-targeted war exercises onto their stooge. The declaration is the worst reject, a document of artifice for making south Korea bear the enormous cost for deployment of the strategic nuclear strike means of the American empire.

Everyone knows that the role and duty of the recently established "nuclear consultative group" are the same as those of the "Extended Deterrence Strategy and Consultation Group". The American empire formed another organization whose name bears the word "nuclear" in order to put at rest the mind of Yoon Suk Yeol's "government" trembling with fear of the DPRK's nuclear threat to the south. But it will get on the nerves of the DPRK extremely and aggravate the already tense situation. So the establishment of the US-south Korea "nuclear consultative group" is a bad plan.

If the American empire perpetrates a nuclear provocation against the north, the latter will blow up the crucial part of the empire's mainland through a tit-for-tat retaliatory nuclear attack. The imperialists are not so foolish as to commit such provocation in order to protect their stooges at the risk of sustaining such enormous damage.

In conclusion, Biden's speech that the American empire will respond to the DPRK's nuclear attack on south Korea immediately, overwhelmingly and decisively is nothing but "consolation remarks" and honeyed promise to calm down Yoon's "government" in uneasiness.

If the American empire deploys its strategic nuclear submarine in the South Sea of Korea, it will get on the nerves of not only the DPRK but also China and Russia. Then the three countries will launch military operations in response to it. The American empire's projected deployment of a strategic nuclear submarine for Yoon's "government" is self-destructive as it will aggravate tensions.

As seen above, the "Washington Declaration" is just a good-for-nothing reject. To soothe Yoon's "government" with such a reject will only provoke derision of the world. The White House had better throw that reject into dustbin to save the image of the American empire.

"Citizens Action" composed of civil society organizations of various circles in south Korea strongly denounced the "talks" between traitor Yoon and Biden and the "Washington Declaration" fabricated and released by them.

Recalling that growing stronger is the resentment of the public protesting against the "talks" and the "Washington Declaration", the root cause of escalating military tensions on the Korean peninsula and its vicinities, the organization noted in a statement:

The "talks" were humiliating ones to south Korea as they were run through with what the US wants based on its state-first principle, and submissive ones instigating camp confrontation between the US, Japan and south Korea on one side and the DPRK, China and Russia on the other side, openly antagonizing the north under the pretext of strengthening the "extended deterrence".

Whose "president" is Yoon Suk Yeol?

The "Washington Declaration" is an open "declaration" to ratchet up nuclear pressure and military threats to the north, which detailed the US commitment to defending south Korea as practical nuclear pressure and military threat to the north, not merely as the declamatory one.

The outcome of the "talks" had been foreseen before Yoon's visit to the US.

He made Russia and China enemy with his remarks about the Ukrainian and Taiwanese issues. He stunned the people by saying "it is unacceptable to urge Japan to kneel down unconditionally for the things that happened 100 years ago", and terming the outrageous wiretapping by the US an "inevitable one".

The foreign policy pursued by Yoon keen on his blind sycophantic, sell-out and submissive diplomacy oriented to "alliance" was also vividly manifested in his address to the US Congress.

Yoon, keep your ear to the ground.

"Extended deterrence" cannot avert a war. To antagonize a neighbouring country for the sake of the US will only escalate the danger on the Korean peninsula by throwing south Korea into the mire of an international dispute.

Repeated diplomatic disasters have already brought the deterioration of external relations. The ensuing worsened economy and escalated danger of war also affect the public livelihood.

Such disastrous, trouble-making diplomacy of Yoon can no longer be overlooked.

We cannot but call Yoon traitor as he invokes his power for the US only and seeks to maintain his power by kowtowing to the US in denial of the history spanning more than 100 years.

Let's punish the Yoon Suk Yeol regime which has invited the danger of war.

Over 110 professors of Sookmyong Women's University in south Korea released a declaration on the current situation in protest against Yoon's humiliating diplomacy.

Accusing Yoon of such evil deeds as give-and-take-nothing "summit talks", low-keyed response to the US eavesdropping, provocative diplomacy disturbing peace and aggravating the danger of war based on a divisive stand of viewing anyone as enemy if he is not friendly, and incurring huge social expenses and economic losses by destabilizing the situation of the Korean peninsula, the professors in the declaration noted that whenever Yoon glosses over his serious diplomatic gaffe with denial of facts and lame excuses, instead of making a responsible explanation and apology, the "national prestige" and "national interests" oft-repeated by him are seriously damaged with the collapse of public confidence and international trust. Stunning is his brazen-faced attitude and complete ignorance of history, they added, strongly urging him to immediately stop his ruinous diplomacy and unilateral administration.

The south Korean organization of "Council of Christian Churches" released a commentary in opposition to the "Washington Declaration" bringing the danger of a nuclear war to the Korean peninsula.

Noting that the "declaration" specifies the strengthening of the "extended deterrence" and the establishment of a new "nuclear consultative group", the commentary expressed deep concern over the deployment of a US strategic nuclear submarine and the US policy of strengthening the "extended deterrence" which will give rise to a greater possibility of war.

Saying that military threat, arms race and war exercises are not a way of achieving peace on the divided Korean peninsula, the commentary noted that it is impossible to get rid of the danger of nuclear war, the danger of war, if military threats and war rehearsal become the first option.

The secretary general of the Seoul Headquarters of the Confederation of Trade Unions, addressing a candlelight rally in Seoul held in protest against Yoon's country-selling visit to the US, said Yoon hypes much the "alliance" with the US and Japan day and night but such "alliance" is just the "US-Japan alliance" in which south Korea serves as a best man and the US and Japan share their interests, and went on:

What will south Korea actually get from the "alliance"? He is a gourd that leaks both at home and abroad, and we can no longer bear it. It's time to break the gourd and replace it with a new one.

Even political figures of south Korea are strongly criticizing Yoon Suk Yeol, utterly disillusioned by his unprecedented submission during the trip.

The leader of the Minjoo (democratic) Party blamed Yoon for his humiliating behaviour, saying he neither protected the industry and business of south Korea nor demanded apology from the US for the suspicious wire-tapping of his "presidential office" but remitted the crime, took the attitude of indifference to continued wire-tapping and only "received the bills" on the issues of Ukraine and Taiwan during his visit.

The chairman of the Policy Committee of the Minjoo Party, questioning the "success" allegedly achieved by the Yoon group during the visit, said that Yoon had better focus on how to restore the weakened economy and business in the future, rather than talking big about the "great success".

The chief spokesman for the party in a commentary termed Yoon's visit "diplomacy on empty cart with loud noise", "hollow rice cake" and "real flop", saying people were so disappointed to see Yoon returning with an empty suitcase. He urged Yoon's "government" to face up to the cold reception by the public.

A lawmaker belonging to the Justice Party expressed concern over the "Washington Declaration", saying it might cause an adverse effect of bringing the permanent danger of war to Northeast Asia. He added that he would like to give a school warning (given by school to a student for too low academic results or attendance rates) if he was a marker of Yoon's visit to the US.

There has been a barrage of criticism against him including "The situation in which the Korean peninsula actually turns into a battlefield", "It would be better to come back empty-handed rather than to bring a large bomb", "People are greatly concerned about future troubles", "It is not too much to term the talks the ones of the US, by the US and for the US, and security is unsafe and economy has gone bankrupt", "He left with the largest-ever economy delegation but returned empty-handed", "It ended with diplomacy for deceiving the people beyond empty-handed diplomacy", "Shameless big-power worshipper", "US restriction on the south Korean economy has not been removed, though he has fully satisfied the US demand and confirmed it even in a document", "He did not do what he had to do, but did what he should not do", "Is the fruit of Yoon's US trip a 'success for giving impression only'?"

Amid such accusations, a lawmaker from the Minjoo Party, recalling Yoon had even belted out an American song in English before Biden, said "Yoon had sung a song costing '150 trillion won' at the most expensive karaoke bar called the White House".

Overseas Koreans are also becoming increasingly vocal in their protest against and derision of the puppet traitor Yoon engrossed in committing the acts of treachery and destroying peace by kowtowing to the US.

Overseas Koreans in 56 cities of 13 countries issued protest statements when he visited the US.

The statements strongly demanded the resignation of Yoon's "government" who brought south Korea to total bankruptcy in a matter of one year after his "presidential" inauguration for ignorance, incompetence and irresponsibility and by making arbitrary decisions in disregard of the people, adding "his resignation just means salvation and peace".

During Yoon's begging trip, Koreans in the US expressed their anger, saying that they were not sure what Yoon Suk Yeol would do wherever he went, but it was likely that he would present everything to the US and return empty-handed. They called for forcing him to step down from his office as he would not do so by himself.


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