South Korean ruler’s US trip comes under censure, derision, arouses serious concern (3)

May 4, 2023

The sycophantic and treacherous acts against the nation and shameful behaviour of the puppet traitor Yoon Suk Yeol during his visit to the US are sparking a towering anger and derision in south Korea.

The south Korean media are now describing his visit as a humiliating trip of totally selling out the national interests and a war-oriented junket of bringing a new source of escalated tension into the Korean peninsula and region.

Hangyore newspaper reported that Yoon has caused instability in the peninsula and region and drew strong opposition from neighbouring countries and big challenge by attaching weight to alliance with the US and strengthened “extended deterrence”, questioning whether the man who accepted the confrontational logic on international relations intact as demanded by the US properly understands the current global political situation. It noted that that will lead to the aggravation of tension in the region, adding what is most fatal in the results of his visit is that Yoon’s “government” has entered into the US-south Korea-Japan tripartite cooperation or semi-alliance.

Depicting him as an “eccentric president” aggravating the instability of situation on the Korean peninsula, the paper continued:

“Not content with the tough policy toward the north, he irritated China and Russia and invited unrest with the so-called ‘value-based diplomacy’ of keeping pace with the US. He seems too active and unconstrained to see that he is doing so under the pressure of the US. He looks like a ‘new Cold War warrior’ trying to bring the world back to the confrontation between camps in the Cold War era. It arouses the suspicion that he has never been worried about the possible danger his people would face due to his behaviour.”

“His true colours were also revealed during his recent visit to the US. Without hesitation, Yoon crossed the red line the preceding governments did not. The joint statement fully reflects what the US desires. But it contains no phrase considering the special conditions of south Korea created by the geopolitical nature of the Korean peninsula.

“The more the volume of chorus on the theme of value-based alliance grows, the more tension on the Korean peninsula will escalate in proportion to it. The US will come up with the need of the alliance-level US-south Korea-Japan military and political cooperation under the pretext of the value. What will south Korea get from it? 

“Is it overwhelming military edge over the north? Yoon Suk Yeol's government argues that it is possible but this is only political rhetoric. South Korea will be impossible to make the north change in attitude, no matter what strong extended deterrence it obtains in the light of the north’s characteristics and international dynamics. On the contrary, south Korea is most likely to suffer security and economic losses. Peace on the Korean peninsula will be exposed to a bigger challenge and its aftershock will further imperil security to batter the south Korean economy.

“What Yoon gave to the US during his visit is clearly visible, but what he got from it is invisible.

“In conclusion, Yoon's visit ended in failure. His motorcade was long but neither interests nor future could be seen. Wrinkles of our businesses would as ever get deeper and tension would escalate on the peninsula due to the restrictions imposed by the US.”

Noting that Yoon stressed the "value-based diplomacy" in his talks with Biden during his trip and his address to the US Congress and on other high-profile occasions, siding with the US while touching on the issue of relations with the US and on sensitive international issues including those of Taiwan and Ukraine, Yonhap News blamed him for creating an environment that may arouse higher vigilance of the countries opposed to the US. It also recalled that China urged him to be "careful about his words and deeds", warning him not to "step far and far a wrong and risky way", and added his anxiety over how to manage the relations with China and Russia is growing.

An editorial board member was quoted by the news as saying:

Yoon has gone so foolish as to subordinate the south Korean economy to security with the blind belief in strong alliance with the US. He is working with bloodshot eyes only to maintain his power by depending on the US.

The US is a country apt to forsake its ally anytime to serve its own interests. But Yoon, already hit hard by his humiliating diplomacy toward Japan, kept mum about the US eavesdropping but supported it, thus seriously impairing the self-esteem of the nation.

The people will be angered by his behaviour of hiding himself behind the Yankees' hips in pursuit of his consolidated power.

It has been usually accepted that summit talks lead to skyrocketing approval rating of the ruling party, but Yoon's foreign trip always backfires to cut it down.

Yoon had embarrassed the public with his frequent use of English in south Korea. Perhaps he thought that his English speech in the US would earn him higher reputation but this is just a revelation of his sycophancy.

There is a saying that much noise and no substance. This exactly fits his recent talks.

Imagine the one who cheers with a gorgeously decorated box with no content.

A crow cannot be whiter for often washing. This is just the public mindset.

Kyunghyang Daily News in an editorial entitled "Talks for expanding nuclear umbrella and sowing seed of one-way diplomacy" noted:

Worrisome is the tendency to entrusting everything to the US. South Korea is getting more and more bound by the relations that it cannot easily turn down any demand of the US.

Hankuk Ilbo commented as follows:

There is something that we cannot gloss over. The US’ "welcome" is not something free. Yoon should pay heed to the widespread public concern that "warm reception" would be followed by a call for "payment", and see through the intention sought by the US in the strengthened "economic security alliance" with south Korea.

Dong-A Ilbo carried an article recalling that the south Korean presidential office came under fire for interpreting the US-suggested strengthening of the "extended deterrence" as they like, while magnifying and exaggerating the meaning of the Washington Declaration.

The article noted:

This reminds one of the time when Yoon was denied immediately by Biden for his slip of tongue about the debate on a "joint nuclear exercise" with the US at the beginning of this year. It was just a tragicomedy produced by a mistake in the usage of terminology, but this time his gaffe betrayed a stark difference in their understanding, resulting in shrinking the highlighted "success".

Posted on south Korean online newspapers are articles with such titles as "Yoon Suk Yeol's mouth only talks lie, again target of worldwide censure", "Gone are interests and peace, left are danger of war and worsening people's livelihood", "Yoon's fruitless business, dependent diplomacy", "President who thinks of Japan before his people's security is needless", "Yoon returns with time bomb", "Yoon, playing best man for US and Japan, do not come back", "Yoon's government brings spectre of war to Korean peninsula".


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