South Korean ruler’s US trip comes under censure, derision, arouses serious concern (2)

May 4, 2023

The international community is more bitterly condemning peace breakers, the US and south Korean puppet group, for driving the situation in the Korean peninsula to the brink of a nuclear war and posing a threat to peace and security of the region and the rest of the world.

An expert on the Korean peninsula issue at the Liaoning Academy of Social Sciences of China said that "If the US really deploys nuclear weapons or a nuclear-armed submarine in the peninsula, it's very likely to trigger another nuclear crisis. Washington and Seoul should take the blame for it."

Based on the principle of "Reacting to nuke and full-frontal confrontation in kind!", the DPRK may take unprecedented actions in response to the US act, he asserted.

Putting in question the puppet traitor Yoon Suk Yeol's provocative comments on the Taiwan issue, he warned that it will be absolutely impossible for Seoul to expect China to tolerate or forgive their wrongdoings.

A fellow of East Asian studies at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in Beijing said that the US and south Korea have already realized the joint drills and the regular visits of US strategic assets, and if the US goes one step further to deploy nuclear weapons, including nuclear-armed submarines, this will definitely result in serious consequences that will not only force the DPRK to enhance its development of nuclear weapons but will also worsen China-US tensions, adding that "the deployment of US nuclear-armed submarines in the region so close to the Chinese territory is unacceptable."

A professor at China University of Political Science and Law said that the "joint statement", as well as the “Washington Declaration”, made public by Biden and Yoon contains some elements that are provocative to China, warning that the Yoon 'administration' has arrogantly miscalculated China.

An expert at the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences referred to the fact that Biden made reckless remarks on "the end of whatever regime" during a press conference, and said that although some preceding US presidents had ceaselessly threatened the DPRK and waged military drills, they all failed to get effect. He added that the US is afraid of the development of the DPRK, and the latter is strengthening its military elements by making preparations to launch a satellite and by developing more powerful and active missiles, asserting that it is a nightmare for the US and south Korea.

China’s Huanqiu Shibao in a commentary expressed concern over the regular visits of Ohio-class nuclear submarines to the Korean peninsula. The commentary said that for Northeast Asia, it is like inviting a wolf into the house.

Noting that the Korean peninsula issue has not been resolved for a long time owing to the US, the commentary said that the deployment of US nuclear forces in the peninsula will surely get on the nerves of the DPRK, and will deteriorate the insecurity of the peninsula. It added that south Korea took a wrong way indeed.

Chinese newspaper Global Times carried an article titled "US-south Korea agreements add new danger; ‘extended deterrence’ could trigger ‘another nuclear crisis’ in peninsula".

The paper quoted the experts as saying that sooner or later the south Korean people will find Yoon's unwise diplomatic strategy to be "unsustainable and self-destructive" and Yoon's low approval rating will result in a more chaotic internal political situation in south Korea.

Russian magazine The International Affairs said that the situation on the Korean peninsula is deteriorating, adding that the US and its followers are resorting to sanctions against the DPRK while continuously staging military drills under the pretext of "nuclear threat from the north" but their moves prove fruitless.

Foreign media and experts are also making fun of Yoon who trumpeted about the great "success" during his junket to the US as an "empty-handed trip" and "empty-shell diplomacy".

The Chinese Huanqiu Network carried an article of a commentator on international affairs titled "An empty paper called 'Security Declaration' entirely devoid of 'sense of security'", which said that Yoon Suk Yeol's unsightly visit to the US served as an occasion for making the world people clearly understand the root cause of a real threat to peace and security in East Asia.

It noted that Yoon claimed that he had obtained an "unprecedented security commitment", describing the "Washington Declaration" as the greatest success he had made in his recent visit to the United States, but in fact what he had brought from Washington was an empty sheet of paper called the "security declaration" totally devoid of "sense of security".

It continued:

The "Washington Declaration" referred to the issue for the US and south Korea to establish the "Nuclear Consultative Group" and conduct frequent military drills and the issue for the US to dispatch nuclear submarines to south Korea on a regular basis, which south Korea regards as a "nuclear umbrella".

But what south Korea has gained instead is an empty talk "with only voice and no right to decide and only nuclear commitment without sharing of nuclear weapons". So what is the unprecedented security commitment and where is it? If there is any, it could be in the daydream of Yoon, like a new splendid emperor clothes.

For the Biden's government, the "Washington Declaration" is just a check that costs little and is not worth a whoop. This will ultimately result in the political and military situation in East Asia going into a more uncertain "vicious cycle", and how can it bring stability on the Korean peninsula and security of south Korea? It is certain that the declaration goes against the stability and security.

South Korea, with extreme psychological instability and geopolitical impatience, gradually turned to grabbing the US master's thigh from maintaining the strategic balance among China, the US, Russia and Japan. It believes that if it is tied with the US, it will have "Jinzhongzhao"(one of China's martial arts), "talisman" and "protective umbrella" and that "the eldest brother will protect his little brother".

However, the world rule that "the eldest brother will protect his little brother" is, perhaps, only a hallucination today, In the present international relations and gambling among big powers, the US, which has lost its ability to cope with obtaining situations in the world strategic structure, has been forced to draw its allies desperately from all parts of the world and, under the pretext of "democratic value", it has been engaged in collective politics while organizing "gang fight" by using small brothers like south Korea. But the eldest brother's protection ability has long ago been covered with thick fig leaf.

Meanwhile, the "America first" and the "interests first" are the first and foremost principle and consideration of the US diplomacy. And what position south Korea holds in this priority rank? South Korea will not even become a distant relative compared with the Anglo-Saxon relatives of the US.

The New York Times reported that after "warmth" from Biden, Yoon Suk Yeol will face a different tune in south Korea.

Saying that there are not a few criticisms in south Korea about the "Washington Declaration", which Yoon Suk Yeol regards as "a big win" in his visit to the US, but viewpoints of seeing it as an "extended crisis" rather than an "extended deterrence", the paper said that it's because the deployment of the US strategic nuclear submarines on the Korean peninsula further increases tension in Northeast Asia.

It said that the younger generations who are struggling with dwindling job opportunities in south Korea cannot but accept the result of the "Washington Declaration" as trifle. And although there were blaring concern in recent months that "Inflation Reduction and Chips and Science Acts" would hurt south Korea’s industries, the "joint statement” only agreed to "continue close consultations", the paper said, quoting a university professor as saying that younger south Koreans don’t know the lyrics to "American Pie", but they know about the Inflation Reduction Act.

Huanqiu Shibao said that the US comments at a press conference held by Biden and Yoon Suk Yeol after their "meeting" were mostly about how the "successes" of the "Washington Declaration" would promote the interests of the US and the journalists' concern were mainly about internal affairs of the US, noting that the internet users described the interests of south Korea as nearly nothing, thus embarrassing Yoon, who insisted on "global alliance".

Xinhua reported that Yoon Suk Yeol visited the US accompanied by a large group of economic delegation to increase export to the US and draw investment through "sales diplomacy", but the US took measures to exclude all the major exports of south Korea from the list of subsidies.

A senior fellow of the Cato Institute said in the Foreign Policy magazine that this "meeting" is a "hollow victory for Washington" and that the US and south Korea's policy toward the DPRK has failed and Washington needs to change its policy towards the DPRK.


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