Kim Jong Un sends congratulations to Xi Jinping

March 11, 2023

Kim Jong Un, general secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea and president of the State Affairs of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea, sent a congratulatory message to Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and president of the People's Republic of China, on Friday.

Extending the warmest congratulations to Xi Jinping on his re-election as president of the PRC at the First Session of the 14th National People’s Congress of China, Kim Jong Un in the message said that his continued assumption of the heavy responsibility as president of the PRC is an expression of the deep trust and support of the Chinese party, government and people.

The successful First Session of the 14th National People's Congress made it possible for the CPC to definitely realize its leadership over the overall state affairs and dynamically promote the socialist cause with Chinese characteristics in the new era, he said, adding:

Our Party, government and people are rejoiced over the fact that the Chinese party, government and people, rallied closely around the general secretary, have achieved remarkable successes in the struggle to build a modern socialist country in recent years.

We are sure that the Chinese people will achieve a fresh victory in carrying out the tasks set forth by the 20th CPC Congress under the leadership of the Central Committee of the CPC with the general secretary as its core.

Today the two parties and the two countries are defending and advancing socialism, the common cause, while supporting and closely cooperating with each other.

Expressing the belief that the traditional DPRK-China friendly relations would invariably develop in depth in conformity with the common desire of the two parties and the two peoples and the demand of the new era, he wished the PRC prosperity and its people happiness.

He also wished General Secretary Xi Jinping good health and greater success in his work. 


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