Kim Jong Un delivers speech in commemoration of anniversary of revolutionary schools

October 14, 2022

The respected Comrade Kim Jong Un delivered the speech entitled Let Mangyongdae Revolutionary School and Kang Pan Sok Revolutionary School Become “Pedigree Farms” for Bringing up the Hardcore That Will Guarantee the Eternal Youthful Vigour of the Cause of Juche at the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the founding of Mangyongdae Revolutionary School and Kang Pan Sok Revolutionary School  on October 12. The following is the full text of the speech:

Dear students of the revolutionary schools,

Esteemed comrade teachers of the revolutionary schools,

Comrade graduates of the revolutionary schools who are visiting their dear “native homes” on this significant anniversary of their founding,

All the officials and staff members of the revolutionary schools,

Dear comrades,

I congratulate you who are greeting the 75th anniversary of the founding of Mangyongdae Revolutionary School and Kang Pan Sok Revolutionary School amid the blessing of our Party and all the people across the country.

I also offer hearty congratulations and greetings of encouragement to all the graduates of the schools who, deeply mindful of the firm resolve they made during their days at the schools, are making devoted efforts for the Party and the people at the posts of national defence and various fields of socialist construction at this very moment.

Availing myself of this opportunity, I pay noble tribute to the revolutionary martyrs who dedicated their precious lives to the Party, the country, the happiness of the people and the bright future of posterity, and I extend my sincere feeling to their bereaved families who are invariably devoting their pure conscience on the road of loyalty and patriotism the martyrs could not follow to the end.

Students of the revolutionary schools,

Comrade graduates of the revolutionary schools,

I can hardly repress my joy at being with you, all those faces I have always longed so much to see, here at this significant gathering at the campus of the revolutionary school in historic Mangyongdae.

The 75 years of Mangyongdae Revolutionary School and Kang Pan Sok Revolutionary School is a history in which our Party has remained infinitely faithful to the moral obligation to revolutionary martyrs and it has devoted sincerity to training reserve revolutionaries, staking its fate on the inheritance of the revolutionary cause.

The course of the development of the revolutionary schools was started on October 12, 1947 when their inauguration ceremony was held in the presence of the great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung, and actually it can be said that the course is equivalent to the history of our Republic and our regular revolutionary armed forces.

Our Juche revolution established the revolutionary schools for training its pillars before founding the state and the army. Then it put forward the indomitable revolutionaries produced there as its backbone and made them lead the development of the state and the army.

While developing into “pedigree farms” for training competent revolutionaries under the care of the Party since they were established by the leader, our revolutionary schools have made a tremendous contribution, following the sacred, protracted road of steadfastly carrying on, from one generation to the next, the lineage of the Juche revolution that was pioneered on Mt Paektu.

They have brought up a large number of faithful patriots who gave, and are giving, a strong impetus to the growth of our state and army while dedicating their all to the revolution and the people with their trust in their leader alone even in bad times. These people consist in the impregnable wall that stands around the Party. This is an imperishable exploit our revolutionary schools have performed.

Having such great homes of revolution that add eternal youthful vigour to the cause of Juche, which is making progress on the strength of the faith and indomitable spirit of true revolutionaries, is a source of great pride of our Party and people, and they constitute the assets for lasting prosperity of our state.

To train the sons and daughters of revolutionary martyrs as stout revolutionaries who will be the kernel of the hardcore of the revolutionary ranks and lead the advance and development at any field or post they are assigned to work–this is the idea our Party has consistently and invariably maintained in educating the sons and daughters of revolutionary martyrs.

As the sons and daughters of revolutionary martyrs, together with all the other people throughout the country and in the lead of them, have supported the leadership of the Party faithfully and single-heartedly, our cause has won victory after victory while keeping its red colour as it is in the face of upheavals of history.

The first-generation graduates who, wearing the uniform symbolic of the blood of the anti-Japanese forerunners, had attended the inaugural ceremony of the revolutionary school and heard the speech of the leader, made a contribution, with their own blood, to safeguarding the Supreme Headquarters and winning the great victory in the fierce Fatherland Liberation War, and played a pivotal and hardcore role admirably at important positions of the Party and the state and at other revolutionary posts during the years of socialist construction.

All the achievements the graduates of the revolutionary schools have made at the cost of their sincere efforts and blood and sweat, have, without exception, served as the solid cornerstone and fertile soil for the progress of our state and well-being of our people.

Many people among the graduates of the revolutionary schools were utterly faithful to the Party and dedicated their all unsparingly to the victory of the revolutionary cause of Juche. Typical of them are Yon Hyong Muk, Pak Song Bong, Sim Chang Wan and Kim Yong Chun.

Hyon Chol Hae was also a graduate of Mangyongdae Revolutionary School.

Among the graduates of the revolutionary school, three became the head of government of our Republic, three marshals of the Korean People’s Army, and scores of them Heroes including triple and double ones. This fact eloquently shows how great trust the Party and the leader have put in the sons and daughters of revolutionary martyrs and how great efforts they have made to train them as pillars of our state.

Our Party, regarding ideology and spirit as the greatest asset for a revolutionary, leads the revolution in such a way that the intentions and feats of parents would be exalted through their children’s lives and struggle. Thanks to this cause of inheritance which is unique to the Workers’ Party of Korea, the Juche revolution is achieving victory after victory through generations.

Thanks to the responsible efforts of our Party that is realizing its firm determination to inherit for all eternity the lineage of Mangyongdae by dint of its correct idea of training the reserves of revolutionaries and of its leadership, Mangyongdae Revolutionary School and Kang Pan Sok Revolutionary School will remain faithful for ever to their revolutionary character and mission as the essential artery of inheritance and the schools of the WPK.


There are still many large mountains of difficulties to scale on the road ahead of our revolution which has recorded only victory century after century and generation after generation.

We are carrying on an uncharted revolution which we must surely accomplish. As we have to hew out its way only by our own effort, the difficulties and challenges we are facing are as enormous as ever.

We have achieved remarkable successes in the new century of the Juche era, and these have raised the position and national power of our state to an unprecedented level. We have also accumulated invaluable experience in the course of surmounting successive national trials and pushing strenuously ahead with socialist construction on the strength of unbending willpower, might of revolutionary unity and extraordinary fighting efficiency.

We can certainly win victory by our own efforts. Even if we face worse hardships or any crisis in future, we should staunchly maintain self-respect and self-confidence and faithfully implement the development strategy of our style. By doing so, we can make an uninterrupted advance of socialism.

To achieve the greatest national brilliance through courageous and adroit struggle even in the worst situation, we should, above all else, turn all the fronts and posts into impregnable revolutionary positions. To this end we need competent commanding personnel and dependable hardcore force who can perform their tasks flawlessly.

It can be said that the development of our Party, state and army at present and their future depend on how the sons and daughters of revolutionary martyrs who passed or are passing through the stage of their growth into the pillars of the Juche revolution at the revolutionary schools, would work and prepare themselves.

This is why our Party, attaching particularly great significance to the event to commemorate the 75th founding anniversary of the revolutionary schools, has arranged a grand gathering of their students and graduates here at Mangyongdae today so as to remind them once again of the demands and expectation of the country and the people.

If the sons and daughters of revolutionary martyrs brace themselves up to lead the struggle to make incessant innovations and advance at their posts and units, and thus contribute to attaining high goals for achieving the comprehensive development of socialist construction and rouse the masses by their noble examples, it will bring about a stride forward in overcoming today’s trials and advancing the revolution.

With the 75th anniversary of the founding of Mangyongdae Revolutionary School and Kang Pan Sok Revolutionary School as a watershed, we should bring about a new turn in education and edification of the sons and daughters of revolutionary martyrs.

This is the requirement of the revolution, and our Party’s and people’s high expectations of the revolutionary schools at present.

Mangyongdae Revolutionary School and Kang Pan Sok Revolutionary School are “pedigree farms” for bringing up excellent talents who will contribute to carrying out the sacred cause of making the main pillars and roots of the Juche revolution eternally strong and turning the whole revolutionary ranks into an elite force by dint of their great spiritual strength.

Bringing up hardcore reserve who will stoutly carry forward the lineage of the Juche revolution and pillars who will play a pivotal role in implementing the revolutionary cause of Juche–this is the fundamental task facing Mangyongdae Revolutionary School and Kang Pan Sok Revolutionary School.

Only when the revolutionary schools train their students to have the greatest spiritual strength by inheriting the forerunners’ fighting spirit and indomitable soul as part of their ideological and mental qualities, can the red flag of revolution never discolour and our revolutionary position be fortified into a pure integral whole which is invulnerable to any heterogeneous ideas.

The overall work of the schools should be oriented to preparing the sons and daughters of revolutionary martyrs to be reliable successors who stoutly carry forward the baton of the Juche revolution and hardcore elements who commit themselves solely to the ideas of our Party.

As I have always stressed, the revolutionary character is not inherited of its own accord.

Sons and daughters do not grow up to be revolutionaries simply because their fathers are revolutionaries, and such cases are not difficult to find in the history of the world revolutionary movement as well as that of our country.

Every element of a revolutionary’s ideological and mental qualities that range from loyalty and obligation to the leader to a true heart for the people, unshakeable faith, unyielding fortitude and humane sincerity is cultivated only through revolutionary education and studies, constant self-cultivation and practice.

The revolutionary schools should pay top priority to, and focus on, politico-ideological education.

The lineage of revolution championed by our Party is none other than ideological bloodline; to train the students of the revolutionary schools as reserve hardcore who will firmly carry forward the traditions of the forerunners’ ideology, faith and loyalty–this remains, today and tomorrow as it did yesterday, invariably essential to the education of the sons and daughters of revolutionary martyrs.

The sons and daughters of revolutionary martyrs should be exceptional in faithfulness to the Party and in their revolutionary spirit, not in origin, academic career or background, and live honourably before the collective and society by devoting themselves to the people and performing feats in the struggle.

The ideological education should be focused on making boundless loyalty to the Party the foremost “family” and school tradition of Mangyongdae Revolutionary School and Kang Pan Sok Revolutionary School, the native homes of the sons and daughters of revolutionary martyrs, and ensuring that the students’ hearts beat for ever with the blood of faith which will never be contaminated.

Our revolution, as it was in the past, is defended and is advancing steadfastly on the strength of the invariable faith of absolutely trusting and following the Party.

Before we impart scientific and technical knowledge to the students of the revolutionary schools, we should inculcate in their mind as firm faith a pure sense of moral obligation which will remain unchangeable in any adversity and a resolute determination and will to live up to the trust of the Party.

We should continue to direct great efforts to implanting in their hearts the revolutionary spirit of forerunners, the soul of revolutionaries.

Only those vanguards who embody the revolutionary spirit of fighting the enemy unto death as the inherent creed of their struggle, not chanting it by their words or songs, and those who are exemplary in all aspects including that of political awareness with which to accept and implement the ideas and policies of the Party and that of attitude with which to support the policies of the state and do their full duty, deserve the honour of being called the graduates from the revolutionary schools.

We should encourage the students to absorb as their own nourishment the history of the struggle of the anti-Japanese revolutionary forerunners and the heroic generation who won a great victory in the war, and should implant in them the ennobling spirit of the preceding generations who were boundlessly loyal to the Party and the revolution.

It is necessary to tell them in detail about the spiritual world of their fathers who glorified their lives as faithful people on the road of supporting the cause of the Party and about what they thought and how faithful they were at every moment of their struggle and life.

As I stand face to face today with you, sons and daughters of revolutionary martyrs, at the campus in Mangyongdae on this significant occasion, I am reminded again of the first-generation graduates of Mangyongdae Revolutionary School who were boundlessly loyal to the cause of the Party.

Our Party demands that great efforts be made for and proper guidance be given to the spiritual development of the sons and daughters of revolutionary martyrs so that they can all inherit the noble spirit and revolutionary traits of the loyal people of the preceding generations.

Setting it as a major target to train all the students as faithful persons like the school’s first-generation graduates, the revolutionary schools should conduct the education in loyalty and revolutionary traditions in a theoretical, substantial and intensive manner.

Revolution is unthinkable separated from patriotism.

The aim of the revolution we are making while braving trials is, in the final analysis, to achieve the prosperity of the country at the earliest possible date.

The revolutionary schools should educate their students to be mindful of the fact that patriotism is synonymous with the revolution, always keep the flag of our Republic in their minds and be firmly determined to devote their all to the great dignity and eternal prosperity of the country.

The revolutionary schools should conduct education for enhancing the class consciousness of their students in an assiduous and substantial way and without any let-up. In this way they can ensure that the students are always aware of their class origin and filled with the resolve to become fierce fighters in safeguarding our class position which was defended at the cost of the blood of the forerunners.

The revolutionary schools should further intensify education in collectivism so as to ensure that all the students, regarding the slogan “One for all and all for one!” as the standard and iron principle of their struggle and life, give full play to the communist trait of putting the interests of the collective before their own, whatever they do, and willingly devoting themselves for the good of their comrades.

They should pay close attention to preparing the students to be genuine persons who are deeply steeped in noble moral ethics.

As their students are away from their kindred at an early age, they should, on behalf of their parents, teach them even the details of etiquette they have to observe in their daily life, as well as social and public moral code.

They should be not only models for all other schools across the country in terms of education and edification, but also best schools which other educational units can learn from. In particular, they should hold it as their most important task to train reserves of military talents who will contribute to making our People’s Army a sophisticated, high-tech army.

Ten years have passed since the enforcement of the universal 12-year compulsory education system in pursuance of a policy of the Party and the state, but the general secondary education has not yet reached a satisfactory level. The revolutionary schools should become a trailblazer and set an example in putting it on the track of assured rejuvenation and leap forward.

Now that the educational conditions and environment of Mangyongdae Revolutionary School have been wonderfully renovated, it should direct efforts to improving teaching methods and quality of education.

It is important to proactively use IT and intelligent educational equipment and extensively introduce advanced teaching experiences and latest scientific and technological data of the world, so as to work out our own unique methodology of training talented people.

The revolutionary school should develop prodigy training aimed at producing a larger number of students with outstanding talents and practical abilities and reserves of military talents who are fully capable of shouldering the future of our army.

Kang Pan Sok Revolutionary School, too, should positively explore and apply innovative and effective educational methods according to the categories of education and, in particular, focus efforts on bringing the teaching of economics-related subjects closer to the developing reality, thereby training excellent reserves of women cadres who can play a major role in building the state.

It is important to intensify military education of the students of Mangyongdae Revolutionary School and Kang Pan Sok Revolutionary School.

Military education at Mangyongdae Revolutionary School should be conducted in an aggressive and dynamic way with the main stress on intensifying basic education for training the students into officers who are well versed in different services and arms.

Kang Pan Sok Revolutionary School should further enhance the quality of military education so as to improve the students’ ability to command and manage sub-units and should make exacting demands on them so that their day-to-day life can be the course of gaining experience to this end.

Mangyongdae Revolutionary School and Kang Pan Sok Revolutionary School should work out artillery and other military education programmes in a practical way and raise the intensity of military training so as to bring up their students into competent reserve officers who can contribute substantially to consolidating the revolutionary armed forces.

The students of Mangyongdae Revolutionary School are given lessons on horse riding in addition to many live firing drills and swimming practice. An important purpose in this is to bring them up into real fighters.

If the students of Mangyongdae Revolutionary School master horsemanship, marksmanship and swimming ability during their school days, it will greatly help them to prepare themselves to be versatile combatants and field commanding officers who can execute their combat tasks satisfactorily while overcoming possible warfare situations on their own initiative.

Mangyongdae Revolutionary School should make more effective use of various simulators.

It should effectively organize and guide its students’ visits to the front-line areas and participation in the military service in KPA sub-units so that these periods can serve as opportunities for them to have a good understanding of the realities of combat units and gain a valuable experience of military service.

Training students in the vibrant reality is one of major educational methods.

It is important to temper them in the thick of the reality and thus train them as steel-hard, genuine revolutionary talents rather than bring them up to be self-indulgent children.

Recently we have mobilized the students of Mangyongdae Revolutionary School for the housing construction project in the Taephyong area. This aims at helping them to understand the justness of the Party policy, foster patriotic spirit, develop strong will and spirit of overcoming difficulties and learn how to work in the reality. Then they can prepare themselves to be the pillars who will shoulder the future of the country.

By availing themselves of various occasions such as military parade, military training, grand socialist construction and the work in support of rural communities, the revolutionary schools should purposefully organize and tenaciously undertake the work for instilling in them an iron will and spiritual strength with which to advance forward without hesitation in the face of ordeals and difficulties.

Visits to the revolutionary battle sites in the Mt Paektu area should also be a process in which they cherish in their hearts the indomitable fighting spirit of the anti-Japanese guerrillas through firsthand experience, rather than books, while marching across virgin snow with leggings on, building a campfire and cooking rice with their own hands.

Due attention should be paid to education and edification for bringing up the students into well-rounded revolutionary talents.

Good ability for writing and presentation is one of the essential qualifications of a leading member of the revolution.

The revolutionary schools should encourage the students to develop a habit of writing diaries and frequently organize meetings such as book sessions and presentations of their compositions so that they can have the ability to fully express their thoughts both in writing and in speeches from childhood.

They should direct great efforts to ensuring that the students acquire rich cultural and emotional attainments with which to move the hearts of the masses and handle the atmosphere of the collective by singing, dancing and playing sports with them.

Students of the revolutionary schools,

Our Party and people hold very big and great expectations for each of you.

I am most pleased when I see the dignified appearance of you who are growing vigorously while singing your alma maters energetically and, through your bright eyes, I visualize the rosy future of our state and the admirable images of you who will play an active role as the pillars of the Party and the revolution.

You should bear in mind that even if the Party would assign you important posts in the future, you would be unable to keep them if you were poorly prepared, and should make positive efforts to prepare yourselves as military and political activists who could contribute a large share to the Party and the people with both literary and military accomplishments.

You should not idle away each of the invaluable school days, but study hard and take part in organizational life intentionally and in good faith to develop the revolutionary spirit and senses of organization and discipline.

I am well aware that the teachers of Mangyongdae Revolutionary School and Kang Pan Sok Revolutionary School make devoted efforts unknown to others while taking good care of the sons and daughters of revolutionary martyrs like their real parents and relatives would do by taking upon themselves the most difficult task of education and edification.

Comrade teachers of the revolutionary schools,

A radical improvement in education in the new era is in essence that in teachers’ qualifications.

You assume a very important responsibility and role in training the students of the revolutionary schools to be the genuine successors and reserve hardcore and backbone who will take up the baton of the Juche revolution.

While always racking your brains with a deep sense of responsibility that you are shouldering the work for the everlasting prosperity of our Party and country, an important affair of the revolution, you should devote all your inexhaustible passion, fighting spirit and clear conscience to the education and edification of students.

Without deviating even for a moment from the consciousness that you work at the revolutionary schools to which the Party attaches so much importance, you should make proactive efforts for revolutionary training and enhancement of your qualifications by setting yourselves high goals and disciplining yourselves.

The teachers of the revolutionary schools who train devoted revolutionaries and “intrepid tigers” should have a greater revolutionary spirit, make patriotic fervour part of their mental qualities, be perfect in terms of human features and possess the highest level of qualifications and capabilities as educators.

You should look after the students with parental affection.

You should pour kindred affection on students by taking care of them like the meticulous yet strict parents and the brothers and sisters who lead them with sincere feeling, so that they can grow to be human beings who are perfect in every aspect.

You should scrupulously admonish and criticize the students who commit faults with the mind of parents who bring up their beloved children sternly so that they can correct them promptly, and make increasingly exacting demand on them to strictly observe the established order and rules. In this way they can acquire in their childhood a habit of doing only what the Party tells them to do.

In order to effect a decisive turn in all work at the revolutionary schools, it is needed, first of all, to bring about an innovation in the working attitude and spirit of the Party organizations and leading officials of the schools.

The Party organizations of the schools should concentrate their Party political work on thoroughly establishing the Party’s unified command system at the schools and training all the students to be powerful revolutionary talents.

They should intensify Party guidance in order to further stoke up the flames of the Three-Revolution Red Flag Movement and make the youth league and children’s union organizations briskly conduct the movements to win the title of Honoured Red Flag Class and the July 15 Honour Student Prize.

They should establish iron discipline at the schools and intensify struggle and edification so as to prevent the infiltration of even the slightest elements alien to the Party, the revolution and socialism, which the Party condemns the most.

There should never be any small room for weed or noxious plant to take root in the revolutionary schools, flower gardens which our Party cultivates with so much effort.

It is necessary to further strengthen education and guidance for preparing the educators to be truly professional revolutionaries who are steadfast politically and ideologically and well-behaved and who possess full qualifications and abilities, and to pay close attention also to providing all the teachers with good working and living conditions so that they can devote themselves to the implementation of the Party’s policy on the education of the sons and daughters of revolutionary martyrs.

The leading officials of the revolutionary schools should always work as expected by the Party and dedicate their all to the good of the students, deeply mindful of their heavy responsibility for thoroughly applying the Party’s ideas and policies on the rearing of the sons and daughters of revolutionary martyrs and for making the Party’s warm affection and care reach the students.

Commanding personnel of the KPA should devotedly set themselves to the work of strengthening Mangyongdae Revolutionary School and Kang Pan Sok Revolutionary School with the standpoint of being the masters of the work.

Strengthening the revolutionary schools can be regarded as the first process in training cadres of the KPA.

These days, the Party emphasizes it as an important matter to build up the ranks of military and political cadres of the KPA. The commanding personnel of the KPA should fully display their sincerity to ensure that substantial achievements are made in the work of the revolutionary schools with the mind of cultivating the “pedigree farms” with much effort while sowing seeds and applying manure.

The General Political Bureau, the Ministry of National Defence and the General Staff should intensify political, policy-oriented and practical guidance over the educational work of Mangyongdae Revolutionary School and Kang Pan Sok Revolutionary School, provide them with educational conditions and their students with living conditions in a responsible manner and solve in time the problems arising in operating, maintaining and managing on a regular basis the educational facilities and equipment the Party provided with much effort and sprucing up the educational environment.

They should not only take measures for the teachers of the revolutionary schools to learn from good experience of other educational institutions, improve their qualifications as educators and broaden their visions but also establish a proper supply service system and lay perfect logistic foundations for the schools.

I stress the need for Party organizations at all levels to pay close attention also to the work with the students and graduates of the revolutionary schools and bereaved families of martyrs.

It is Party organizations’ natural duty and an important affair they must never leave out to organize and conduct diverse types of edifying work with the students of the revolutionary schools when they visit their homes during vacation, attach importance to the graduates of the schools and take care of their work and family circumstances as well as their political life while inquiring into details of them.

They should value graduates of Mangyongdae Revolutionary School and Kang Pan Sok Revolutionary School the Party has strived to train, properly conduct the work of appointing them as cadres and educate and help them to fulfil their duties.

They should keep abreast of the situations of all the bereaved families whose children attend the revolutionary schools and regularly inquire about and positively solve in time the problems arising in their work and life so as to lead them to be loyal to the Party and the revolution without any slight idle thought or deviation and have a good influence on their children as well.

Comrade graduates of the revolutionary schools present here,

While working in different regions and sectors of the country as hardcore forces of our revolutionary and class positions, you should make more strenuous efforts, always being conscious of the Party’s trust and the people’s expectant look.

I believe that your reawakening to your duty and important responsibility as the sons and daughters of revolutionary martyrs at your dear alma mater today will ignite and trigger a new change and progress in your work and activities in the future.

You should brace yourselves with strong determination and make tenacious efforts to live up to the trust and expectations of the Party that has trained and put you forward as laudable revolutionaries and hardcore, to remain honourable before your parents who dedicated all their life to the revolution to leave traces of devotion and perform feats which will shine forever in the history of the country, to be absolutely loyal to the cause of the Party and to do more valuable things bringing substantial benefits to the people as you pledged yourselves leaving the schools.

Those who voluntarily and strictly review their struggle and life each day, asking themselves if they live as befits the children of Mangyongdae and work as befits a graduate of the revolutionary school, and display extraordinary revolutionary consciousness, fighting spirit and abilities to conceive and execute, are sure to make substantial achievements in their work to bring delight and courage to the Party.

As the hardcore and backbone of the Party and sons and daughters of the revolution, you should only think of the country and the people and never seek self-interest or fame.

The sons and daughters of revolutionary martyrs should not seek any official post or comfort, but find pride and pleasure in sincerely and perfectly fulfilling all the time their duties the Party and the revolution assigns them.

As it has always done so far, our Party will continue to protect all the graduates of Mangyongdae Revolutionary School and Kang Pan Sok Revolutionary School to the last while actively leading and putting them forward so that they infinitely devote themselves to the struggle for the victorious advance of the revolutionary cause of Juche without forgetting their origin.


At the present moment I further harden my resolution to dedicate my all, together with you, to the sacred struggle to accomplish our great cause and make our state and people the envy of the whole world.

To share the same bloodline, intention and feeling with you is the inexhaustible motive power that invigorates me with strength, wisdom and pride in making the revolution.

Fully convinced that the sons and daughters of revolutionary martyrs, who are the best fulcrum of our Party and symbolize the main pillars and roots of our revolution, will faithfully live up to the great expectations of the Party and the people and lead the revolutionary ranks in powerfully advancing the cause of socialism of our own style, I warmly congratulate you once again on the 75th anniversary of the founding of Mangyongdae Revolutionary School and Kang Pan Sok Revolutionary School.

Eternal glory and victory to our revolution steadily carrying forward the sacred lineage of Mangyongdae!


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