Celebratory event in China highlights President Kim Il Sung’s birth anniv

April 18, 2023

Families of those related to the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle gathered at the DPRK embassy in Beijing on April 12 to hold a celebratory meeting on the occasion of the 111th anniversary of the birth of President Kim Il Sung.

It was attended by families of those related to the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle and the DPRK ambassador to China and staff members of the DPRK embassy.

They laid baskets of flowers and bouquets at the portraits of beaming images of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il before making bows to them. 

Speeches were made at the meeting. 

Praising President Kim Il Sung as a heaven-sent sage, Zhang Jinlu, daughter of Zhang Weihua, said that her family is striving to become successors to the China-DPRK friendship with yearning for the President.

Zhou Wei, daughter of Zhou Baozhong, said that the President is the founder of the DPRK who is held in high esteem by the Korean people and a close friend of the Chinese people.

Our fathers’ generation forged a revolutionary friendship with their Korean comrades in the bloody anti-Japanese war, Feng Songgwang, son of Feng Zhongyun, said, adding that he will never forget their fighting spirit.

Yu Ming, son of Li Zaide, said that President Kim Il Sung illuminates the DPRK like the sun and that Kimilsungism-Kimjongilism will be invariably upheld in the DPRK led by General Secretary Kim Jong Un.

Shang Xiaowei, son of Shang Yue, said that they would make due efforts and contributions to develop the friendship between the peoples of the two countries which is continued through generations, true to the will of the President.

Chai Long, great-grandson of Chai Shiying, stressed that he would value the historical China-DPRK friendship established by the elders and do his best for it.

Meanwhile, a round-table talk with families of those related to the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle was held and a film show given in Shenyang of China on April 13 to mark the Day of the Sun.


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