Enlarged plenary meeting of Eighth Central Committee of GFTUK held

February 2, 2023

An enlarged meeting of the Seventh Plenary Meeting of the Eighth Central Committee of the General Federation of Trade Unions of Korea (GFTUK) was held on January 31 through video conferencing.

It was attended by members and alternate members of the Central Committee of the GFTUK.

Present there as observers were officials of the GFTUK Central Committee and those of provincial, city and county trade union committees.

The meeting discussed such issues as of thoroughly implementing the decisions of the Sixth Plenary Meeting of the Eighth Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

Pak In Chol, chairman of the GFTUK Central Committee, made a keynote speech.

He analyzed and reviewed in detail the successes, experiences, deviations and lessons gained and revealed in the trade union work in 2022 for the implementation of the decisions of the Eighth Congress of the WPK and referred to the ways to improve the work of the union in this significant year in a revolutionary manner to give full play to the spiritual strength of the heroic working class, thereby making a substantial contribution to opening up a new phase of national development.

Speeches were made at the meeting.

The enlarged meeting adopted a relevant decision based on the study of its draft.


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