On the work of DPRK Cabinet in 2022 and its tasks for 2023

January 20, 2023

Deputy Kim Tok Hun, premier of the DPRK Cabinet, made a report on the DPRK Cabinet's work in Juche 111(2022) and its tasks for Juche 112(2023) at the Eighth Session of the 14th Supreme People's Assembly.

The reporter said that the Cabinet organized and conducted the work for implementing the economic policies of the Workers’ Party of Korea, regarding it as its main task to put the country's economy on a normal track and provide the people with a stable and improved life by revitalizing the present production and more dynamically pushing forward the work for readjustment and reinforcement in all fields of the national economy in accordance with the action programme for socialist construction set forth by the Party last year.

Noting that the Korean people achieved remarkable successes in the struggle for economic construction and improvement of the people's standard of living, overcoming all sorts of unprecedented challenges and threats last year under the wise guidance of General Secretary Kim Jong Un, the reporter said:

In hearty response to the Party's decision, major sectors of the national economy channeled efforts into the work for reenergizing the present production and for readjustment and reinforcement, thus fulfilling their yearly national economic plans and providing precious assets for economic development.

Last year, great construction campaigns were launched in a row despite the unprecedented ordeals and difficulties to build many monumental edifices suited to the appearance of a thriving nation in different parts of the country and strikingly demonstrate the development potentials of the DPRK.

Under the loving care of the Party, a legal guarantee was laid for providing the children with the best conditions for their upbringing, the material and technical foundations for the production of dairy products were consolidated nationwide and nutritious foodstuffs including dairy products were supplied to the children across the country.

In the new school year, all the pupils and students who were admitted to primary, junior and senior middle schools and universities were supplied with new school uniforms and a complete set of bags, shoes and other school things.

Last year, the sector of science and technology contributed to economic development by carrying out the state sci-tech development plan including the major scientific research projects, in hearty response to the decision of the Fourth Plenary Meeting of the Eighth Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea.

Progress was made in the work for developing the national economy onto a phase of stable development by decisively improving economic management.

Last year, the Korean people won a great victory in the anti-epidemic campaign, to be specially recorded in the world history of public health, by displaying a high sense of voluntary unity and successfully tackling the worst-ever upheaval since the founding of the country in a short span of time by dint of the all-people partnership and all-people resistance, in accordance with the most timely and scientific anti-epidemic policy advanced by the Party, in the face of the difficulties caused by the outbreak of the malignant epidemic.

The reporter stressed that the successes made in socialist economic construction last year were the precious fruits of the outstanding and seasoned leadership of the great Party and the indomitable struggle of the Korean people always remaining faithful to the call of the Party.

He pointed out that the Cabinet revealed not a few shortcomings in last year's struggle to implement the decisions of the fourth and fifth plenary meetings of the Eighth Central Committee of the WPK.

This year we are faced with the honorable duty to glorify the significant year 2023 marking the 70th anniversary of the victory in the Fatherland Liberation War and the 75th anniversary of the DPRK as a year of great turn and change in the course of development of the DPRK by further boosting the fighting spirit displayed last year, the reporter said, adding:

The Cabinet will conduct a powerful economic operation and command, regarding it as its main task to reenergize the production of overall sectors and units and complete the readjustment and reinforcement plan decided by the Party Congress in the main this year.

It will make sure that the economic indices and 12 major goals to be attained by all the sectors of the national economy are carried out without fail and that the fulfilment of this year's plan leads to the implementation of the medium- and long-term strategy for economic development.

The metal industrial sector will normalize the operation of the existing production processes at metal factories and finish the readjustment and reinforcement of iron mines, iron works and steel plants in the main.

The chemical industrial sector will maintain and overhaul the production processes and equipment of chemical factories and operate them at full capacity to normalize the production of chemical goods at a high level and push ahead with the construction projects including the establishment of C-1 chemical industry.

The electric power industrial sector will increase the power production capacity and transmission capacity so as to fully meet the long-term demand for electricity of the national economy while concentrating efforts on repairing generating equipment and raising the efficiency and actively balancing the hydro and thermal power generation.

The state will take strong measures to supply equipment, materials, funds and things needed for coal production and coal miners' life, give definite precedence to prospecting and tunnelling and introduce rational mining methods to decisively increase coal production.

The mining industrial sector will readjust and reinforce the production foundations of mines and smelting works and prioritize the supply of raw and other materials so as to increase production.

The machine-building industrial sector will increase the production of mechanical products urgently demanded by different sectors of the national economy and positively develop new modern machines and equipment while continuously pushing ahead with the work to raise the level of modernization of machine-building factories.

The transport sector will carry out the freight transportation plan, including railway freight, and the forestry sector will consolidate its material and technical foundations and fulfil the timber production plan and the afforestation plan.

The construction and building-materials sector will powerfully propel the construction projects of important significance in the economic development of the country and the improvement of the people's living standard, including the construction of the Hwasong area in Pyongyang and the rural housing construction, and push ahead with the work for creating the new cement production capacity for major construction projects and rural construction.

The agricultural sector will increase the breeding of seeds of high-yielding strains with strong resistance to disastrous abnormal weather, introduce various cultivation methods and technology in conformity with the weather and climate conditions of the country and direct its effort to the production and repair of farming machines and the readjustment and reinforcement of irrigation system and facilities.

It is important to increase the production of meat, egg and dairy products, holding fast to the four-point links in the development of livestock farming, and put efforts into the production of fruits, vegetables, mushrooms and oil-bearing, sugar-bearing and other industrial crops so as to contribute to improved people's diet.

The light industrial and local industrial sectors will produce light industrial goods as planned while focusing their efforts on decisively improving the quality of consumer goods, raise the proportion of domestic production of raw and other materials and speed up the readjustment and reinforcement of production processes.

True to the Party's childcare policy, the Cabinet will make sure that nutritious foodstuffs such as dairy products, kelp and fruits are supplied to all children across the country on a regular basis.

The fisheries sector will dynamically conduct fishing operations while accelerating the modernization and overhaul of fishing boats and implements and do fish farming and shallow-sea culture on a large scale.

Practical measures will be taken to revitalize commerce while improving commercial service so as to contribute to promoting the people's well-being.

The land administration and urban management sectors will press on with the work for giving a facelift to the land of the country and improving its ecological environment and direct efforts to repairing dwellings and public buildings and supplying water for domestic use to provide the people with convenient and cultured living conditions and environment.

By stepping up the building of socialist culture, the level of overall science and technology will be decisively raised, the structure, contents and methods of education improved and medical service steadily improved.

As the headquarters of the country's economy, the Cabinet will realize the unified management of the national economy and find out and steadily perfect the optimized methods of economic management as required by the present reality and scientific reasons so as to develop the national economy in a stable and sustained way.

The national capability for overcoming the health crisis and natural disasters will be further enhanced to defend the security of the state and the people and successfully ensure socialist construction.

The Premier stressed that he will unconditionally and thoroughly carry out the important tasks set forth at the Sixth Plenary Meeting of the Eighth Party Central Committee, always bearing deep in mind the expectation of the Party and the people that entrusted the economic work of the country to him.


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