Students of revolutionary schools vow to live up to expectations

October 17, 2022

The participants in the commemoration of the 75th anniversaries of Mangyongdae Revolutionary School and Kang Pan Sok Revolutionary School got together to adopt a letter of pledge to the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un at Mangyongdae Revolutionary School on October 15.

It was attended by senior officials of the Workers’ Party of Korea and the government who graduated from the revolutionary schools and officials, teaching staff, students and graduates of the schools.

The letter of pledge was read out at the meeting.

The letter stressed that the period of commemoration events was a meaningful occasion through which the children of revolutionary martyrs keenly realized once again how they are cherished in the mind of Marshal Kim Jong Un and how they should live to repay his precious trust in them.

It expressed the unshakable will of the participants to become the core of the hardcore and the red core elements, who take the lead in faithfully supporting the Party’s leadership, and do their best to discharge their mission as the reliable successors to and reserve force of the Juche revolution.

It also stated their resolve to prepare themselves to be persons strongest in idea and faith who trust and follow the Marshal alone, bearing deep in their mind that the very essence of the dynamic for the rapid advance of the Korean revolution is the soul of Mangyongdae and the revolutionary spirit of Paektu.

The letter was adopted amid the striking display of revolutionary faith and high spirits of the participants who were determined to powerfully propel the cause of Korean-style socialism in the van of the revolutionary ranks as befit the sons and daughters of revolutionary martyrs.


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