Korean dance

November 25, 2022

It is peculiar to Korean dance to move the whole body in a harmonious way by mainly moving its upper part in natural combination with footwork.

Korean dance is moderate, gentle, elegant yet powerful in movement. 

It has more gentle and curvilinear movements than immoderate ones, and it has no such movements as excessive running and rapid turning.

Though emphasis is placed on the movements of the upper body, there are not many hand movements and as the whole arms are mainly moved gently, Korean dance is formatively beautiful, refined, elegant and fascinating.

As the dance is moderate in speed and thus creates a lyrical flow, all its movements and rhythms are gentle yet dynamic.

Korean dance, which is strong in formative expressiveness and vivid in dramatic line of action, can express lively spirit through quiet and graceful flow and gentle emotion through dynamic flow.

Such rhythmic characteristics can be found in the typical folk dances Peasant Dance, Tondollari and Kanggangsuwollae.


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