Filled with admiration for ancestors’ ingenuity

November 22, 2022

I could not repress my admiration for the wisdom and talents of our ancestors as I saw relics on display in the Rangnang Museum.

Iron parts of catapults preserved in good condition excels in processing technique and elaborateness, which enabled me to estimate the might of the army of those days.

I wondered how they could make thousands of years ago such elaborate articles as a silver cup with a frog carved in relief in it and a stone pig craftwork.

And I could hardly find any flaw in workmanship of a very rare ruby necklace, gold ring and earring.

Looking at the exhibits in the museum, I could more deeply feel the excellence of our nation and made up my mind to study harder to contribute to adding lustre to the wealth of our nation.

Pak Thae Gwang, student of Kim Chaek University of Technology

I have come to the Rangnang Museum with my son after hearing that it was completed.

As it was my first visit, I was fearful that it might be difficult to find the museum, but it was unnecessary worry.

The magnificent museum looked like a palace in a fairy tale from a long distance and the front fence and the gates representing a wooden barricade and watch tower seemed to be a military camp on a battlefield.

And as I looked at ancient tombs in the compound of the museum surrounded by earthen walls like an ancient castle, I felt as if I lived in ancient and medieval ages.

It was impressive to see men in traditional costume swinging rice-cake mallets according to the old custom and the rice cake made thus was very delicious.

Here, I can experience the life style of those days.

Yun Myong Chol, resident of Rangnang District, Pyongyang


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