People have good time experiencing national culture

November 22, 2022

The Rangnang Museum is not only a place to give people knowledge about history.

Indoor and outdoor folk games playgrounds like the archery range and swinging and ssirum(Korean wrestling) sites around the museum also serve as good places for visitors to have a pleasant time at their leisure.

In the indoor folk games playground, visitors are absorbed in having photos taken, dressed in gorgeous traditional national costumes. Also seen are some of them having a quarrel as they fly kites they made by themselves. 

“The museum has just opened, but it draws lots of people. They want to play folk games, wearing national costumes. Whenever I see them, I feel proud of our national culture,” said Yun Myong Chol, section chief of the Rangnang Museum.

There are paduk room and amusement arcade in the indoor folk games playground, where children and young people can play paduk and games on machines on historical themes.

The outdoor resting places are divided into three parts with the cosy Rangnang pavilion by a lotus pond at the centre. Neat stone tables and chairs and ornamental garden trees are arranged in them where old people often hold dances.

The Korean-style tile-roofed national restaurant specializes in various kinds of national dishes.

“The Rangnang Museum which shows the time-honoured history of the Korean nation serves not only as a base for showing the good qualities of the Korean nation, but also a resting place where people can spend a pleasant time experiencing the national culture,” said Yun.


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