Famous animal painter, Ri Am

January 26, 2023

Ri Am was a painter representative of the 16th century who drew paintings recognized as masterpieces in the pictorial history of the feudal Joson dynasty. 

He applied himself to depicting ordinary phenomena around him in pictures. 

Particularly, he liked to draw animals and his forte was painting cat and dog vividly.

Pictures “The Cat and Dog” and “The Cat on the Tree” which are now preserved in the Korean National Art Museum are the masterpieces of the painter.

His other excellent pictures include “A Pair of Wild Geese” and “Mother Dog”.

His pictures portraying animals in humorous representation to meet the child psychology reflect his deep affection for animals and always make viewers pleased and cheerful.

You can know how well he drew pictures through the fact that he was chosen for the drawing of a portrait of the then king, even though not all painters of Tohwaso (a government office in charge of paintings created on the demand of the royal court) could take part in it.

His pictures still entertain people and he can be claimed to be one of the great artists of the Korean nation.


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