New facts about Japan's distortion of history discovered

January 29, 2022

New facts about Japan’s distortion of history discovered

The historical sector of the DPRK has newly discovered new facts disclosing the cunning and vicious crimes committed by the Japanese imperialists to distort the history of Korea.

In the course of their study to scientifically prove the crimes committed by the Japanese imperialists in Korea, historians of the Academy of Social Sciences recently found out that the obit of Kojong, the 26th king of the feudal Joson dynasty, is at variance with the historical fact.

According to a book published in 1927 and a diary and book published in Japan in 1965 and 2007 respectively, the obit of Kojong was January 21 1919.

They say that Kojong was dead that day, but it was kept secret for fear that his death would exert bad influence on the Korean people and evoke anxiety and unrest among them.

The Japanese imperialists "officially" announced in a "gazette of the government-general in Korea" dated January 23 1919 that Kojong fell into a critical state by cerebral hemorrhage on January 21 and died on January 22.

The Japanese imperialist's distortion of the obit of Kojong was aimed to cover up their crime of secretly poisoning Kojong, an obstacle to their colonial domination over Korea, as a death by brain hemorrhage and pacify the anti-Japanese sentiments of the Korean people.

The History Society and the Folklore Society of the DPRK held a consultative meeting and confirmed the obit of Kojong as January 21 1919.


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