US commits thousands of armed provocations before starting Korean war

June 26, 2022

US commits thousands of armed provocations before starting Korean war

Until June 1950 since they occupied south Korea in the guise of liberators in an attempt to dominate the whole of Korea, the US imperialists committed thousands of acts of armed provocation to mercilessly kill many peaceful residents and threaten the sovereignty and right to development of the DPRK.

Acts of armed provocation, plunder and abduction of residents by the US imperialists and south Korean puppet troops began with a raid on the guard post in Kisamun-ri of Hyonbuk Sub-county, Yangyang County, Kangwon Province, in October 1945, and numbered 11 until the end of that year.

Positions were built on a large scale, south Korean police stations were increased and many armed bandits were deployed in all the important points around the 38th parallel with the Military Demarcation Line, on the order of the commander of US forces in south Korea in April 1946.

In the area at that time, they committed 91 cases of anti-communist smear campaigns, raids against guard posts of the DPRK and killings, abductions, incendiary attacks and plunder against peaceful residents.

In 1947, the US imperialists reinforced the south Korean troops along the 38th parallel and organized them into offensive battle formations with a company as a unit before launching armed provocations on a large scale.

In the 454 rounds of armed provocations of different types that were committed that year, they mobilized many warplanes, warships and over 4 400 US aggression troops and south Korean troops.

What is noticeable in the enemy’s armed provocation in 1948 is that unlike the previous practice of committing combat police, they expanded the scale of provocation by massively putting in south Korean troops with the direct participation of American military advisors.

The armed provocations committed by over 6 030 troops on the ground and sea and in the air numbered 932 cases, or over twice as many as the previous year.

The number of such challenges of the US imperialists and Syngman Rhee puppet clique rapidly grew as the days went by. In 1949, the number reached 2 617 cases, or nearly three times as against the previous year.

Along with a large-scale armed invasion in the ground, the US imperialists dispatched their flotillas to naval bases, which had been used by the Japanese imperialists in south Korea in the past, and the newly-expanded port to wage fleet manoeuvres in the East and West Seas of Korea. In 1949 alone, they perpetrated 69 acts of maritime provocations and 79 acts of aerial firing and reconnaissance.

The enemies became more undisguised in such moves in 1950.

Big and small battles continued uninterruptedly on the ground and seas in the area north of the 38th parallel due to 1 147 rounds of military provocation committed by the US imperialists and the Syngman Rhee clique between January and June 1950, and these became the fuse of aggression, the ignition point of a war.

The US imperialists finally mounted a sudden armed invasion against the DPRK in all the areas of the 38th parallel on June 25 1950.


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