Pine tree in Hamjin

February 11, 2023

There is a pine tree in Hamjin-ri, Myonggan County, North Hamgyong Province.

Unlike those in other areas, the tree grows on brownish forest soil forming on a basaltic layer.

It is 4.5 metres tall, 2 metres round at the root neck and 1.55 metres round at about 1.2m height. Its crown is 8 metres wide from east to west and 10 metres from north to south.

There are six boughs coming out in a verticillate arrangement at the height of 1.5 metres and branches spread curiously to look like the cap of a mushroom at the top.

The needles are shorter than other pines’. The tree produces cones without seed, so it cannot propagate itself.

This living monument is of significance in studying its ecological features for the rare shape and unique needles and cones.


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