Koguryo tomb with murals in Ryonggang

November 22, 2022

The Koguryo tomb with murals in Ryonggang County, Nampho, is a one-chamber earth-covered stone tomb with an inner passage and inner compartment.

The entrance of the inner passage has the granite gates each of which has an iron ring handle.

The remaining stone gates are 125cm high, 60cm wide and 9cm thick and the ring handles are 10cm across.   

The inner passage leans slightly to the east from the centre of the south wall of the inner compartment and the compartment is plane square. On the floor of the chamber there stands a low, rectangular bier leaning westward. Its south and west walls remain relatively intact and a side of it is 3.17m long and 1.5m high.

The main theme of the murals are four guardians. The one on the west wall shows a white tiger, the symbol of the west deity. Its eyes are highlighted by red colour, its body seems lying long and its raised tail is bent at the end.

The tomb, whose construction dates back to around the 6th century, is a Koguryo tomb with murals on the theme of four guardians discovered for the first time in the Ryonggang area. 


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