Joint effort helps company retain edge

January 25, 2023

High-tech products developed by the Achim PC Joint Venture Co Ltd are now growing popular with local customers. 

Among them are the multifunctional e-noticeboard “Achim” for agency and family use, newspaper reading e-noticeboard and browser for sci-tech learning space. 

Especially, the multifunctional e-noticeboard which can be used as a TV, computer or touch-screen board is much sought-after as it can meet various demands of customers. 

The newspaper reading e-noticeboard is user-friendly with an improved touch-sensing function. It is designed to allow users to read different kinds of information through the national data communications network. 

According to a company official, these products were developed jointly with several other units by pooling their ideas and efforts. 

The company agreed on a long-term development programme with professional research institutes in the information technology sector such as the central informatization institute and the IT Institute of Kim Chaek University of Technology and has been pushing ahead with collaborative research projects. 

In particular, they normally analyze merits and demerits revealed in the course of collaborative research with these units and constantly modify and supplement the future orientation of product development. They continuously search for specific methods of collaborative research so that their products could maintain the competitive edge. 

In the meantime, they actively take part in national exhibitions and shows every year regarding them as opportunities for advances and leaps forward. They take advantage of such occasions to exchange science and technology and share experience and generate new ideas for popular products which are essentially needed in practice. 

“The development of high-tech products in close collaboration with professional research institutes is one of our keys to business success that enabled us to retain the status as one of the top ten IT businesses of the country for a long time,” said an employee of the company. 


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