Highly effective natural plant activator conducive to increasing crop yield

November 22, 2022

Weather conditions of this year had negative effects on the growth of crops.

The unpredictably changeable weather made negative impact on maize yields of many farms and one thousand-grain weight of rice decreased at some farms.

But good harvests were reportedly gathered from the fields to which the highly effective natural plant activator “Jinsim” that received the first-prize diploma and medal at the 35th national sci-tech festival this year was applied.

The activator has been applied to tens of thousands of hectares of cultivated fields across the country.

Notable is the fact that some farms quite different in geographical characteristics and quality of soil secured high and stable crop yields despite unfavourable conditions affected by unpredictable weathers like this year.

Not long ago the relevant department of the Agricultural Commission estimated productivities of some farms that used the activator and organized demonstrations to introduce it into all other farms of the country. 

There is a great deal of building waste like broken blocks and bricks on the experimental plot of the Jinsim natural functional goods factory located in Posong-ri, Rangnang District, Pyongyang, as it was previously used as a building waste dump.

According to Manager Kim Chun Gol, a maize plant produced over two corn ears, the average weight per ear was 280g and 7kg of corn were gathered from 25 plants per phyong on the plot.

The Janggyo Farm of Kangnam County, which has introduced the activator for years, exceeded the peak-year level last year and gathered in good crops this year, too.

The manager of the farm said that leaves of corn on fields of other farms were twisted and dried by extreme drought this year but the same plant grew vigorously on fields of his farm.

The Kojan Farm of Pukchang County exceeded the peak-year level on its wheat fields this year. Most of the relevant sub-workteam’s fields are sandy ones and never produced high yields. But the application of the activator enabled the fields and low-yielding corn fields and paddies to produce good harvests.

A potato sub-workteam of Pukchang County applied only one third of chemical fertilizer to bean fields as compared to before but gathered an unexpectedly good harvest from the fields by applying the activator.

Vegetable workteam No. 4 of the Ryokpho Vegetable Farm in Ryokpho District used only the activator without spreading other fertilizers. It transplanted whole bok choys on around March 10 to ensure a high yield on May 15 and raises four crops on a little vegetable patch by planting spinach, spring bok choy, cucumber and autumn bok choy.  

The demand for the activator increases day by day.


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