New laser seed treatment device developed

November 21, 2022

The High-Tech Research & Development Centre of Kim Il Sung University has recently developed a laser seed treatment device.

The device activates the growing function of crops including paddy rice and increases resistance to stress caused by salinity or excessively used agricultural chemicals, thereby increasing sprouting rate and yields.

It was ten-odd years ago when scientists paid attention to the laser seed treatment technology.

At that time, the technology was being researched in European and other countries for its good advantages.

A certain degree of progress was also made at home in the research and introduction of the technology.

However, farmers’ attitude toward the technology was not so positive, which they knew on a visit to a farm. In the course of clearing up the causes, they came to realize the defects of former devices and found out a way for overcoming them. 

“The biggest bottleneck was that our major study of laser was very different from botany and agriculture,” said key developer Choe Sang Jin, researcher of the intelligent control technology institute.

The scientists steadily conducted experiments to optimize the laser-based seed treating process while strengthening bonds with experts in the life science sector and agriculturists.

As they listened to the opinions of farmers, they completed a rational designing plan while examining the details of the device.

The new laser seed treatment device developed thus is in big demand in the agricultural sector.

Their research findings were published in international scientific journals on several occasions and awarded a certificate of introduction of state sci-tech hits shortly ago.


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