National sci-tech presentation in electrode sector held

November 19, 2022

A national sci-tech presentation in the sector of electrode on the theme of “Provision of sci-tech guarantee for electrode production” took place at the Sci-Tech Complex on November 14-15 under the sponsorship of the Korean electrode technology association of the Central Committee of the General Federation of Science and Technology of Korea.

It was aimed at sharing, absorbing and informing successes and experience gained while conducting scientific research activities by building solid electrode production bases.

At the presentation extensive discussions took place about the scientific and technical problems arising in improving the quality indexes of electrode.

Highly appreciated were such proposals as those solving the problems that arise in the production of electrodes larger in diameter than the previous ones, putting production of electrodes on a scientific basis while reducing the time of analyzing quality indexes of bonding agent and providing bulking agent used for the electric resistance electrode baking process with locally abundant anthracite coal. 


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