Leading iron producer seeks to create sustainable, promising production capacity

January 12, 2023

The Hwanghae Iron and Steel Complex is making progress in the creation of a new production capacity by giving priority to laying solid material and technical foundations for guaranteeing sustainable production growth under a long-range plan.

Above all, the complex is channelling efforts into technically improving iron-making methods and consolidating its production foundations under the uplifted banner of self-reliance.

The engineering sector remodelled an existing air compressor, instead of importing an oxygen compressor, in the course of manufacturing a large-capacity oxygen plant.

After finding out a reasonable way to prevent the leakage of oxygen, technicians and workers there made strenuous endeavours despite repeated failures, thus manufacturing parts of the plant reaching the technical standards.

The technical group of the complex consisting of talents of the engineering sector, the IT institute and others pooled their creative wisdom to provide a guarantee for manufacturing a cooler which is widely recognized as difficult to make. On the basis of this, they put spurs to the construction of the overall system, thereby opening up bright prospects for finishing the assembly of all equipment in the near future.

Members of its April 15 technical innovation shock brigade solved knotty problems arising in manufacturing and operating a conveyor for the supply of raw materials, while skilled workers contrived various kinds of jigs and devised pipe-making methods to successfully install a rotary kiln.

Smelters have overfulfilled their daily molten iron production plans by finding out and applying a reasonable combination ratio of materials and melting operation methods for an oxygen-blast furnace and thus further shortening the melting time.

Workers and technicians in charge of rolled steel production are promoting cooperation between processes and technically remodelling several pieces of equipment with their own efforts and technology to increase the actual output of iron and steel.

It is now solving technical problems arising in the trial production of oxidizing roasting pellet.

Officials, workers and technicians in the pipe-making sector pushed ahead with the manufacture and assembly of heavy metal pipes which had been regarded as impossible previously, while developing and introducing several technical innovation plans.

Workers in charge of equipment assembly completed the installation of an oxidizing roasting shaft.

Based on such success, the complex is stepping up the installation of a rotary kiln and the assembly of equipment of the material supply system.

The workers of the complex are waging a vigorous struggle to solidify its iron and steel production foundations in the New Year, too.


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