Over a hundred dwelling houses built in Kosan County

November 16, 2022

Over a hundred modern dwelling houses were built in Solbong-ri, Kosan County, Kangwon Province, and house moving took place.

The single- and low-storey and terraced houses built at the picturesque foot of a hillock to suit the characteristics of the locality and represent architectural fineness are equipped with every condition for providing best convenience in life.

The modern houses that demonstrate the new image of the rural civilization of Korean style in the first year of rural house construction prove the validity and vitality of the programme of socialist rural construction of the Workers’ Party of Korea which put it forward as an important political task to turn all farm villages across the country into rich, cultured and ideal socialist villages in the near future.

A house-moving ceremony took place at the seat of Solbong Farm on November 14.

It was attended by Kim Su Gil, chief secretary of the Kangwon Provincial Committee of the WPK, Pak Jong Ho, chairman of the provincial rural economy committee, officials concerned, builders and farmers of the Solbong Farm.

Chae Il Ryong, chairman of the provincial people’s committee, delivered a congratulatory speech.

Saying that nice houses have been built in the significant locality where there appeared a large-scale orchard under the deep care of the WPK, the speaker warmly congratulated the farm workers on their becoming the owners of the new houses.

He said that the builders completed the construction of the houses as scheduled by enthusiastically and sincerely pushing ahead with the project in a responsible manner with the determination to translate the Party’s idea of rural construction into reality. 

He stressed the need for the working people in the province to fulfil their duty as the creators of the spirit of Kangwon Province in putting the country’s agriculture on a definite upward stage and bringing about drastic development of the Korean-style socialist countryside by pushing the rural development.

House licenses were given to the residents amid the applause of the participants, and speeches were made.

The speakers said with excitement that previously Kimhwa County in the province had changed wonderfully, signalling the new era in which the countryside changes for the better and now they would see happy house moving in Solbong-ri and that the beautiful change of the Solbong farm village was the reflection of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un’s noble love for the people.

They expressed their determination to fulfil without fail their grain production plan every year through a vigorous campaign for scientific farming and high yield and improve their native village as a socialist paradise good to work and live in.

Then, the residents began moving into the new houses with cheerful dancing to the tune of farm music and officials congratulated the owners of the houses, sharing joy with them.


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