Food administration station benefits from livestock farming

November 12, 2022

The food administration station in Mangyongdae District effectively runs a livestock farming base.

Located at the foot of a low hill in the suburbs of Pyongyang, the base does not cover a large area. It has a two-storey building housing such animals as pig, chicken and duck designed for intensive livestock farming, feed processing room and others standing in line.

“We started breeding domestic animals in earnest last year. At the beginning we faced lots of difficulties including breed and feed problems. But as we worked hard, the number of animals has increased considerably now,” said Jo Kum Chol, chief of the livestock farming base.  

What is noticeable here is that all production processes are based on strict prevention of diseases to fully ensure the safety of production.

It organizes preventive vaccinations of the livestock regularly and sterilization and cleaning of animal houses several times a day.

And it develops and introduces functional additives by subdividing them according to the stage of growth to increase disease prevention rate, digestibility and absorptivity. 

They include the breeding stock, rearing and fattening additives and the one for suckling mother pigs. 

Their main ingredients are over 40 kinds of Koryo medicinal materials, and they are added to the assorted feed to a certain amount to feed the animals every day.

According to a keeper, Ri Nam Hyok, the incidence of various diseases has fallen and the breeding and fattening rate increased since the additives made of natural raw materials were introduced. 

Particularly, the diseases which were common to new-born piglets have been prevented.

The food administration station makes various kinds of Koryo medicines needed for raising domestic animals by itself.

And it activates the inhabitation of Hermetia illucens with chicken excrement to reduce the consumption unit of grain feed while raising the utilization rate of protein feed. 

Sideline livestock farming brings substantial benefits to the management of the station and their life as well, its employees say.


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