Hills are grazed by flocks of goats

November 12, 2022

The Unsan Farm in Thaethan County, South Hwanghae Province, is breeding goats well.

If you arrive near the farm over a dozen kilometres away from the Thaethan county town, you can see flocks of goats on a hill. 

Jong Yon Jun, manager of the farm, said that the farm had previously been well known in the county for being good at stockbreeding but the farming began to stagnate gradually.  

Stockbreeding had to be boosted without fail in order to increase the fertility of soil to boost grain production and improve the livelihood of farmers.

So the farm drew up a plan to breed grass-eating domestic animals, particularly goats, on a large scale by taking advantage of its being surrounded by the hill.

To this end it created natural fields of feed grasses such as orchard grass and alfalfa on the hill thick with trees through stages.

It also secured breeding goats that suit the specific characters of its area by establishing a system of producing first generation hybrids to increase the number of the animals.

Experienced farmers were assigned to animal husbandry sub-workteams to help them breed goats in a scientific way. 

As a result, the number of goats increased in a few years.

It is impressive to see the goats grazing in the natural grass fields spreading against the green forest and the famers  taking good care of the animals, calling and stroking them affectionately.

The farmers say that they are very glad as the grasses turn into meat and milk to enrich their life day by day. 

Families of the farm members rear large numbers of goats.

A member of workteam No. 7 who now breeds 30 goats said proudly she had ever reared 70 goats while doing farming together with her husband.


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