Reconstructed Taean Milch Cow Farm

January 30, 2023

 Amid brisk activities to expand capacities and build more milch cow production bases throughout the country true to the childcare policy of the Workers’ Party of Korea, the Taean Milch Cow Farm has been reconstructed and modernized in Nampho City.

Located in a place covering hundreds of hectares of grassland, the farm is equipped with various milch cow blocks where ventilation and veterinary and anti-epizootic requirements are fully met, an epizootic prevention room, milk-processing room and others.

According to the officials of the farm, the farm is associated with the guidance of President Kim Il Sung, who appointed the site for the farm, sent good strains of milch cows and visited its construction site on different occasions to build it into a model milch cow farm.

Setting a goal to reconstruct the farm last year, Nampho City pushed ahead with the project while taking measures for the supply of manpower and materials.

Cowsheds, a milk-processing building, feed-processing ground, etc. were built splendidly and facilities needed for milk processing and formula production made and installed, thus making it possible to control the temperature, humidity and feed supply for cowsheds through a general control room.

The animals are bred and managed by groups of mother and reserve milch cows and calves.

The farm does the hydroponic cultivation of barley sprouts to solve the feed problem of milch cows.

When one enters the cultivation ground of barley sprouts, he  will feel like plunging his  body among the field in midsummer.

According to chief engineer Pak Kwang Il, the barley sprouts are an ideal feed for such grass-eating domestic animals as milch cow and goat as it contains more crude protein than barley and maize.

The cultivation ground can produce nutritious barley sprouts all the year round since it established the heating system and light-regulating system favourable for the growth of barley sprouts.

Keepers say that the fattening rate and reproductivity of cows and milk output have increased since they started to feed them barley sprouts.

The farm introduced a treating method of enzyme fermented feed to increase the digestibility of milch cows.

The milk-processing room, which is equipped with such production equipment as the wet spray-drying milk powder production facility, turns out kefir and formula to supply them to nursery and kindergarten children in the city every day.


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