Quality of products improved

January 28, 2023

Over a hundred units win December 15 Medal of Quality, certificates of February 2 Products, quality certification in 2022

According to Jon Un Ju, staffer of the quality certification bureau under the State Commission of Quality Management, many units of different sectors including light, building-materials and pharmaceutical industries received quality management system certification, food safety management system certificates and GMP certification last year. And hundreds of items of products produced by dozens of units were registered as February 2 Products. 

The Samjiyon Blueberry Drink Factory and Samjiyon Soybean Paste and Sauce Factory strived to produce quality products by relying on local sources of raw materials.  

The Jongbangsan General Foodstuff Factory and Paeksong General Foodstuff Factory also concentrated on improving the quality of products by dint of science and technology. 

The Thosong Pharmaceutical Factory gained GMP certification for different production processes by waging a mass technical innovation drive. 

Technicians of the Pyongyang Jonghyang Building-materials Factory pooled their wisdom to devise and apply valuable technical innovation plans so as to achieve practical success in raising the quality of goods. 

Progress was also made in improving the quality of products at school things producers. 

Many items of products, including notebook, produced by the Mindulle Notebook Factory and various kinds of satchels produced by Sinuiju and Phyongsong bag factories were registered as February 2 Products. 

Efforts were made to enhance the quality of products at foodstuff producers across the country. 

Bearing in mind the importance of product standardization in improving the quality of products, the Junggu Foodstuff Factory took necessary technical measures, thus making several items of products registered as February 2 Products. 

The Susongchon General Foodstuff Factory promoted the work to raise the quality of products using locally-abundant raw materials. 

Thanks to the efforts to modernize production processes and improve technical knowledge and skills of employees, foodstuffs from many relevant units were registered as February 2 Products.  


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