Natural flavour, fragrance

November 24, 2022

Products of the Taesongsan Ice Cream Factory are favoured by people these days.

Citizens say they have unprecedentedly unique tastes and fragrances and their flavours are pure, clean and natural.

Not only children but adults are fond of the products of the factory.

The factory inaugurated in late October is at the foot of picturesque Mt Taesong in Pyongyang.

With the logo in the shape of conical ice cream engraved on the front wall of the factory building, the factory boasts a distinctive architectural beauty as such elements as fence and benches in the compound are in the shape of conical ice cream. 

According to Manageress Kim Hye Gyong, the area is blessed with a clean hygienic environment and good quality water.

The factory also ensures the hygienic environment conditions of its inside including production sites meet the international standards. 

It has ice cream and drinks production lines which turn out over 60 articles in more than 30 kinds. 

The ice cream production line consists in stick-fixing, extruding-cutting and multifunctional processes.

Ice creams in optional shapes like bear or rabbit are made at the extruding-cutting process and ice creams in paper cup or between cakes and conical one are produced at the multifunctional production process.

More than 10 kinds of high-quality ice creams and over 20 kinds of ordinary ice creams are produced at the ice cream production line in which all processes are automated, such as material mixing, homogenizing, sterilizing, cooling, maturing and freezing processes.

“The high-quality ice cream is a globally popular product which is made by using such natural materials as raw milk and cream and without using water and additives, so its taste is pure and unique,” said senior engineer Mun Myong Gil.  

The dried substance content of it is 41-65% and therefore it is highly nutritious, he added. 

At present, the factory produces blueberry, strawberry-chocolate, green tea and other ice creams.

The ice creams rolling off the production line go through the ultra-quick freezing line with a temperature of -37℃ before being forwarded.

The drinks production line consists in juice, soda pop, spring water and natural mineral water production processes.

The natural mineral water is easily absorbed as necessary mineral substances are present in the water in the state of ion of salt type and the sugar- and calorie-free drink is effective in treating obesity and diabetes. 

The factory’s analysis lab analyses the water content and different components of raw materials and products by means of sophisticated equipment to fully guarantee the quality of products.

An official of the factory said that General Secretary Kim Jong Un proposed building the factory, designated the site of it and gave detailed instructions to provide the people and children with the best products in the world.  

The factory also directs efforts into developing world-famous products with a competitive edge amid deep concern of the state.


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