Pomhyanggi institute added to Sinuiju Cosmetics Factory

December 28, 2022

The Pomhyanggi Institute has been inaugurated at the Sinuiju Cosmetics Factory.

Consisting of over 20 labs including nano-materials and haircare products study rooms, experiment and analysis rooms and a sci-tech achievements showroom, the institute is fully equipped with hundreds of modern experimental and analysis facilities in 80 kinds.

Its inaugural ceremony took place on the spot on December 26.

It was attended by Ju Chol Nam, secretary of the North Phyongan Provincial Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, officials concerned and officials and employees of the factory.

Kim Hye Yong, manageress of the Sinuiju Cosmetics Factory, made an inaugural address.

After the inaugural ceremony was over, participants looked round the new establishment.


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