National sci-tech exhibition in nanotechnology sector-2022 closed

November 10, 2022

The national sci-tech exhibition in nanotechnology sector-2022 came to a close on November 8.

At the exhibition held in a virtual mode, nanotechnology products which have been introduced into and prove substantially effective in the agricultural, foodstuff industry and anti-epidemic sectors attracted interest of the visitors. They included nano correction water (two kinds), bentonite-nano graphite composite adsorbent for refining cooking oil and personal protective equipment (PPE) for anti-epidemic activities made with nano composite resin cloth.

Highly appreciated at the sci-tech presentation held by way of videoconferencing were study papers on pressure abrasion pinhead blister producer, biological nano gold injection, nano titanium electrode and others.

The exhibition was an occasion for widely disseminating sci-tech achievements made in the nanotechnology sector and contributing to the building of nano industry.


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