Bright prospects for canal construction offered in flames of war

November 23, 2022

On April 13 1952 when the Fatherland Liberation War was at its height, President Kim Il Sung visited Kim Il Sung University which was moved to Paeksong-ri at the time and made a historic speech entitled The Prospects of the Fatherland Liberation War and the Tasks of the University before its faculty and students. In the speech he assigned it a task of conducting researches for postwar reconstruction. 

Stressing the need to properly map out a prospective plan for postwar reconstruction of the national economy, he said that the university should investigate the country’s natural resources and conduct proper research for rational utilization of the resources.

After pointing out the important issues arising in postwar reconstruction, he noted that the question of making canals should be studied for the development of river transport, together with rail transport.

If canals are dug, the Taedong River could be linked with the Ryesong or the Chongchon River, he said. “If the upper reaches of the Taedong River and the Ryesong are connected by a canal, the transport problem in this area will be successfully solved.”

Whenever he studied the map of their country, more often than not he thought of the possibility of linking the East Sea and the West Sea by building a canal between the upper reaches of the Taedong River and the Ryonghung or between the upper reaches of the Rimjin and the Tokji, he said, stating that building canals there to allow ships to sail freely between the East Sea and the West Sea, will be of tremendous significance. 

Of course, building canals will be no easy job, but this will not present a big problem as they have the experience of building tunnels during the war, he noted, tasking the faculty and students of the university with undertaking a deep study of the question of building waterways linking the East Sea and the West Sea and drawing a rational prospective plan of canal construction.

Looking up to the President who put forward a grandiose plan for the gigantic nature-harnessing project visualizing the future of the country after victory in the war with unusual wisdom and insight, the faculty and students of the university fully realized that he was a great man born of heaven and peerless patriot.

The plan for national prosperity the President set out during the war is now translated into proud reality of building a powerful socialist country under the grand plan and wise leadership of the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un.


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