Daesong Department Store, comprehensive, multifunctional service provider

November 18, 2022

The Daesong Department Store is located in Taedonggang District of Pyongyang.

It attracts the attention of people from afar as it is decorated distinctively with blue glass curtain wall and orange-coloured finishing materials for the exterior of the building.

The department store underwent renovation three years ago in line with the modern aesthetic sense to be inaugurated on the occasion of the Day of the Sun (April 15).

The ground floor provides a supermarket service. There are a variety of foodstuffs, meat, fishes including live ones, sundry goods for daily use and flowers.

According to staffer Jon Yong Ran, commodities in great demand that have to be purchased on a daily basis are arranged on the ground floor to promote the convenience of customers. And in the booth of sundry goods for daily use goods hang according to kinds so that customers can easily find commodities, she added.

The customers say that they continue to visit here as they can purchase quality goods and they like modern and convenient service conditions and environment. 

The children’s playground, which was built on one side of the ground floor, helps women who have brought children there look round the department store without inconvenience.

Visitors can buy seasonal clothes, various gorgeous and refined fibre products and underwear, goods for the children and household articles, school things, medicines and diverse craftworks, porcelain and electronic products on the first floor. As it is connected with the building-materials exhibition hall, they can purchase quality furniture and building parts.

On the second floor there are world-famous commodities including precious metals, watches, cosmetics, shoes and bags, liquor of high quality, sporting goods and sportswear. There is a tailor’s shop where customers can order clothes to meet their sizes and likings.

Visitors can have Korean and other world dishes in an instant at the restaurant on the third floor and roast meat at the specially built dining hall. 

The fourth floor is furnished with a soft drink stand, private dining rooms named after Jangmi (rose), Unhasu (Galaxy) and Tanphung (maple) where visitors can experience distinctive feelings, a video games room and a billiard room.

In the department store there are also an underground restaurant, where visitors can relish famous dishes like slices of live raw fish and live terrapin broth, and comprehensive welfare service facilities.

According to manageress Ryu Hyon Ok, the respected Comrade Kim Jong Un on his visit to the Daesong Department Store one day in April 2019 just before its inauguration expressed great satisfaction with the fact that another good comprehensive service unit was built in a street of the capital city before the Day of the Sun so as to substantially contribute to improving the people’s material and cultural life in a qualitative way.


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