Inland county forges ahead with development plan of its own

November 9, 2022

Usi County, known as a backwoods region even in Jagang Province which is famous for having lots of mountains, has attained some successes as it set out and implemented a development plan peculiar to the mountainous county.  

In particular, they are making the most of the mountains that take up more than 80 percent of the county and turning them into “gold mountains”.

Overcoming the tendency to plant only highly profitable trees like pine nut and chestnut trees, they are taking advantage of locally abundant wild fruits such as acorn, wild grape and tara vine fruit. As a result, the wild fruits which were once considered to be worthless have become materials essential for the normal operation of local-industry factories. 

The county is increasing its own electricity output by relying on its rich water resources. 

Though it has already been producing a large amount of electricity at Usi Power Station units 1 and 2, the county is building the third one with a larger generation capacity on the Chungman River to accommodate the increasing demand for electricity. The dam construction is now nearing completion. 

Meanwhile, the county’s condiments factory is striving to make specialty products with local materials. It produces perilla soybean paste, seasoned soy sauce, peppered bean paste and meat bean paste which are much sought after by locals and also delivered to other parts of the province. 

At present, the county is increasing the kinds of products bearing its brand name, including condiments and daily necessities favoured by residents and furniture, plastic pipes and sanitary ware to be installed in rural houses which will soon be completed splendidly. 

The county people are getting more proud of their own efforts devoted to building their home villages into ideal places as good as cities.


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