Miracle of Ryonpho

November 6, 2022

The Ryonpho Greenhouse Farm has been built as the world’s largest base for producing greenhouse vegetables in the eastern area of the DPRK.

It has a production area of 100 hectares and its production capacity reaches tens of thousands of tons. It is a new standard of greenhouse farm in the country where vegetables are produced on a modern, intensive and industrial basis at a high level, a practical education farm for diffusing advanced agricultural technology and a new base for creating rural civilization.

Despite the first extremely difficult conditions and environment since the founding of the country, the farm has been built as a base for creating Korean-style rural civilization in a matter of over 230 days.

People refer to the amazing creation in the Ryonpho area as a miracle of Ryonpho.

The miracle of Ryonpho visually showed the execution power of the DPRK that surely does what it decides to do and the fact that the extent of civilization and happiness to be enjoyed by the Korean people is growing day by day.


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