Debut silk dress, a big attraction

November 26, 2022

The summer dresses made with Korean silk by the Kumun Garment Factory drew special attention of visitors and experts at the recent Women’s Clothes Show-2022.

The long-sleeved and sleeveless dresses made of silk decorated with delicate patterns on light pink and cream grounds considerably enhanced the neatness and elegance peculiar to women.

“We actually racked our brains for the recent show. We wanted to present something new and original to the first-ever women’s clothes show. In that course we decided to exhibit products exuding national flavour,” said Manageress Ri Myong Gum.

Silk is lighter, softer and more graceful in colour than ordinary cloths and therefore it is called the “queen of fibres”.

And Korean silk is noted for exquisite beauty.

From olden times the Koreans have widely used it to make a variety of products such as clothes, quilt and muffler.

Silk clothes are highly serviceable, and prevent sweat smell and make the wearer feel refreshing even in midsummer. As they have powerful bacteriostatic effects, they are effective in treating various skin diseases and illnesses resulting from body chill, and as they have also a massaging effect, they are good for health. That is why silk clothes have been famous as health-promoting clothing since ancient times.

Silk was widely used in making such national costumes as chima (traditional Korean skirt) and jogori (traditional Korean jacket) and paji (traditional Korean trousers) and jogori and housedresses, but not in making everyday wear in the past.

Clothing experts attribute this to the fact that the cloth lacks hanging and elastic properties and creases.

The Nyongbyon Silk Mill recently addressed such shortcomings and improved the quality of its products.

“We directed big efforts into cutting and processing to meet the aesthetic taste of our Korean women while preserving the merits of the silk manufactured at the Nyongbyon Silk Mill,” said Han Pok Sun, leader of the processing workteam of the Kumun Garment Factory.

The dresses of the factory come in two types whose waist is tightened and whose skirt bottom is widely spread to make them pleasing to the eye and convenient for movement.

The long-sleeved light pink dress has sleeves in the shape of horn, a closed roundish collar and narrow ribbons at the collar and sleeves. The breast is decorated with white bead buttons.

The sleeveless cream dress for summer wear has an open neck and an ornamental hem at the skirt part.

During the show, the factory received a large order for the dress.

The factory also presented a suit made according to the dress design disseminated by the Central Industrial Design Administration. Its collar and breast are in the form of traditional Korean women’s costume. It won favour of visitors as it has a national colouring and its form is original.

“As we expected, our women favour the Korean style. I once again felt that we should take it as the main direction to make clothes to meet the modern aesthetic taste while preserving national characters,” said the manageress.

In the recent show, the factory displayed more than 120 kinds of seasonal clothes in various forms including overcoats and shirts and purchasing power for them was great.


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