Quality of medical service markedly improved

January 24, 2023

Last year, the public health sector achieved great successes in putting medical service on a scientific and modern basis at a high level.  

The quality management system of medical service, which was introduced into central hospitals and provincial-level preventive and curative institutions, made sure that it proved effective in practice.

The quality management system is a management system program which numerically shows merits and demerits found in the management of hospitals and treatment of patients to help relevant workers analyze them in time and take necessary measures.

According to a relevant official, the upgrading of the program keeps intensifying as the hospital accepts enough opinions of outpatients and digitizes more objective data. 

“Since the introduction of this system, the waiting time of patients has been shortened and much progress made in regularizing and standardizing treatment,” said Son Il Gyong, deputy director of the Kim Man Yu Hospital. 

Preventive and curative institutions competitively introduced research hits for improving the quality of medical service.

The Ryugyong Dental Hospital researched and produced different kinds of medical appliances and supplies by relying on domestic materials and technologies including an injection moulding machine and dental articulation checking paper, which are essential for prosthetic treatment, while putting emphasis on ensuring the domestic production of dental materials and medical instruments.  

The Pyongyang University of Medical Sciences Hospital completed advanced diagnosis and treatment methods such as the technology of preserving lacerated spleen, advanced treatment method of nephrolithiasis by means of laser generator and nephroscope and new internal treatment for acute pancreatitis. 

The Koryo Medicine General Hospital, Pyongyang Municipal General Hospital No. 3, Taedonggang District Hospital and many other preventive and curative institutions put highly efficient diagnosis and treatment methods on a scientific basis to suit the constitutional characteristics of the Korean people.

Meanwhile, positive efforts were made to improve the level of operation of the section doctor system, emergency medical service system and telemedicine.


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