Growing dream

January 12, 2023

The schoolchildren and students, who spend their winter vacation, foster pleasant dreams at the Sci-Tech Complex. 

“I’ve visited the children’s dream hall at the complex together with my daughter on New Year’ Day in hope that my daughter would live with her precious dream all the year round,” said Hong Mi Hyang living in Mangyongdae District, Pyongyang. 

According to Jon Song Il, department director of the complex, many people visit the complex together with their children during the vacation. 

The exhibits in the complex are of operational, moving, feeling and sectional types. 

In particular, operational exhibits are mainly put on display in the children’s dream hall. They enable kindergartners and primary school pupils who have higher intuitive thinking faculty and who are very curious and active to go on a virtual expedition, make things and experience operation and simulation. 

At this place consisting of five sections including “nature exploration”, “intelligence development classroom” and “garden of science”, kindergarteners and pupils come to consolidate what they learned at schools through such experiences as simulated nature exploration and the operation of exhibits and to have interest in science and technology.  

“Whenever I visit the place, I think of discovering the secret of the sky embracing stars. I will grow up to become a scientist who conquers space,” said Ri Hyon Il, schoolboy of Pongnam Primary School in Phyongchon District, Pyongyang. 

As they conduct experiments, make observations and hold discussions using different models of experimental apparatuses at the lab furnished in the section of “spring of wisdom” in the children’s dream hall, the schoolchildren consolidate what they leaned at schools theoretically and cultivate independence and creativity. 

Middle school students come to acquire the fundamental laws, principles and methods of earth science, mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology with far-reaching scope and in depth with the help of the exhibits in the basic science hall which is divided into five sections including “celestial body and global environment”, “modelling of phenomenon” and “reason of movement”.  

University students broaden their knowledge of major fields of study at different places like scientific search and cutting-edge science halls. 

“I perform virtual operation at the simulated surgical section here, while seeing necessary data immediately. So I come to visit the complex more frequently,” said Ri Un Hui, student of Pyongyang University of Medical Sciences.  

According to Kim Yong Myong, department director of the Sci-Tech Complex, the variety of exhibits will continue to increase to help children and students study conveniently and cultivate their imagination and dreams, and academic plans will be completed for that.  



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